The Most Exciting Places in the UK for an Adventurous Sort of Person to Explore

by Jules on February 27, 2014

If you are an adventurous, restless sort of person then you might wonder where in the world you could go to get some excitement into your life. Well, if you live in the UK then there are some fantastic destinations you can check out without even leaving the country.

Ben Nevis, The Scottish Highlands for Walking and Climbing

The Scottish Highlands are a huge region, so it is up to you to see what adventures you would most prefer to choose to take part in here. Perhaps one of the most obvious attractions is Ben Nevis. The top of the UK’s highest mountain is 1,344 metres above sea level and there are a number of different ways of enjoying it. For a start, you could do what most visitors do and walk up the Pony Track from Glen Nevis. It is estimated that around 75,000 people a year walk up here, out of the mountain’s total of 100,000 annual climbs. However, there are a number of other routes here which are more challenging and more interesting. The mountain has also some of the best cliffs for rock climbing and scrambling in the country, while the ice climbing options here are also pretty spectacular. Fort William is a lovely little town which you could use as your base. The area also offers possibilities of other adventurous sports such as cycling, horse riding and snow related sports.

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire for Water Sports

Wales is a magnificent location for adventurous types, with a huge range of sports on offer in different parts of the country. I plumped for this part of the Pembrokeshire coast because it is ideal for enjoying some exhilarating water sports. The wind is usually fairly predictable here, so the likes of surfing and sailing can be enjoyed. It is also a fine location for you to get out on the water to do some sea kayaking. The fact that there is a large bay here also means that many first time sailors use this as a place to get started out on the water. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the only coastal national park in the country and many people come here each year to enjoy the amazing scenery and water sports on offer. There are some great places to stay and the range of different activities on offer will be enough to keep you entertained no matter how long you stay here.

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire for Cycling

The truth is that in the UK we are completely and utterly spoiled for choice when it comes to exciting places to go cycling. In fact, there are some many wonderful cycling destinations in the country that choosing just one is almost impossible. However, if I have to choose one then my favourite is the Forest of Dean. Actually, if you ask me again tomorrow I might change my mind and say Snowdonia or the Isle of Arran. Anyway, the Forest of Dean is absolutely incredible for cycling in. There are some quiet, pretty roads and some great mountain views as well. It is hilly around here but the number of cycling routes you can choose from means that there is something for everyone. It feels as though the whole place is geared towards cycling tourists as well. You will find it easy to come across somewhere nice to stay and to get food and drinks when you are out on your bike. If you want to look the part then don’t forget to visit SportPursuit to get kitted out beforehand.

Somewhere Close to You for Whatever You Want

After doing some research on the subject I have realised that there are even more top class adventurous destinations in the UK than I had believed. I have travelled round the county a fair bit but I can now see that there is a lot more to do here than I had known about. I loved my trips to the Scottish Highlands, to the Pembrokeshire Coast, to the Forest of Dean and to the Isle of Arran and Snowdonia. However, there is a lot more out there waiting to be explored. If you have a thirst for adventure that there are sure to be some British travel destinations near you which can give you what you want.

What are your favourite UK destinations for a bit of adventure and some sport?

Brian Weaver is a British adventure sports fan who has some big plans to travel the country and see the best it has to offer

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