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by Jules on February 21, 2014

Bruges is one of Western Europe’s most beautiful cities often named the Venice of the North.  It is easily accessible from the UK, especially if you choose to drive over using one of the many ferries that cross the English Chanel. With the city centre itself closed off to cars, visitors can enjoy this stunning city on foot, boat, or horse drawn carriage!  So set off on your trip today and remember to stay careful by booking holiday insurance.

Church, belfry tower

The belfry tower is well worth a visit, even if just to look at it from the outside. It is unusual in its appearance as it looks as though someone has built three towers on top of one another. It is in fact not as tall as it once was as it used to have a wooden spire which but this was burned down twice so was never replaced again after 1741. It now stands at 83 metres high. Inside visitors can see its impressive clock mechanism and a carillon with 47 silver toned bells.  The bells from the tower are played on each hour and can be heard all over Bruges. If you are physically able, be sure to climb the 366 steps to experience one the finest views of the city. The tower is divided into sections so there are opportunities to take rests as you climb up. However some parts are narrow and steep so suitable footwear is a must. Inside the tower you can see how the bells are played and of course see an unforgettable panoramic view of Bruges and its surroundings.

Bruges De Halve Mann Brewery

This is undoubtedly the Best place in Bruges to try the Brugse Zot beer.  The brewery tour is in three languages: English, French and Dutch and takes about 45 minutes including a visit to the top of the building from where you have a unique view over the city.  The Brewery dates back to 1564 so there are many low ceilings and steep staircases.  Make sure you have suitable footwear for this tour.

Boat rides

Taking a boat ride is a fun way of seeing the city. Starting points for boats are scattered around the city centre canals off wooden jetties.  You can find boats by the Belfry Tower, City Hall and The Church of Our Lady.  Boats run from 10am-6pm and cost €7.60 for a half hour boat ride. The drivers will give you information about buildings and bridges you pass, but the driver is contending with three languages so what you get is short and sweet!


Bruges is surprisingly great for shopping. Aside from the 49 chocolate shops, lace and souvenir shops, there is a wide range of clothes and shoe shops. International brands such as H&M, Mango, Zara and even New Look line Bruges city centre, but look further to find European brands which offer its shopper’s products not to be found back home!

Food and drink

Belgium is famous for its beers. Chimay, famous Ale in Belgium is much loved by locals due to its unique fruity taste. Go easy when drinking this beer as it is 7% so it will have nearly double the effect! Beer can be purchased in bars for about €3.50 in bars and only €1 if you’re buying it from a shop!

One of the best non-alcoholic drinks in Belgium is its hot chocolate! Go to any chocolate shop found scattered across the city. One drink to take away costs about €2. A taste of heaven for any chocolate lover!

Eating out is generally quite expensive. However there are plenty of cheaper pizza restaurants, including pizza hut if you want to budget. Of course there are plenty of bakeries offering delicious fresh bread which is a perfect partner for a local Belgian cheese.

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