The places you HAVE to go in Saudi Arabia

by Jules on January 24, 2014

Swirling sands and desert heartlands; the cutting edge rubbing shoulders with ancient tradition; sweltering sun and blisteringly cold nights – Saudi Arabia does nothing if not conjure up a sense of romanticism.

And yet, Saudi Arabia contains a lot more than what might first spring to mind. In this vast Arabian wonderland there sits bustling metropolises, tiny fishing villages and grand places of worship. The heart of this country beats in many rhythms and every beat is a new wonder to behold.

What’s more, cheap flights to Saudi Arabia are now readily available, meaning you won’t have to break the bank for Saudi flights. You can travel to the Middle East and sample its various delights for a lot less than just a decade ago.

But, where could you visit to taste a flavour of this rich culture? Well, with this handy list you’ll find an array of activities and tourist hotspots on offer.

The allure of the coast

The coasts of Saudi Arabia are some of the most mercifully sun kissed in the world, with luxury private beaches that can be entered for a small admission price. And, the entrance fee is well worth it, with pure white, clean sands that stretch for miles.

Places like the Silver Sands Beach come highly recommended, providing the avid sun-lounger the perfect opportunity to soak up the Saudi rays. But, get there early – the venue is so popular that all the good spots are taken before the morning is done.


Everyone understands the importance of Mecca to Muslim culture, the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed. Believers travel far and wide to worship in this much revered place and, although non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the city, its towering skyscrapers can be easily viewed from afar.

Way down below the ocean

Saudi Arabia, much to its credit, has one of the few virgin coral reefs left in the world, making a trip under the Red Sea well worth the effort. With a rich set of colourful coral and fish to view, setting off near the city of Jeddah with your snorkel is a unique experience that every tourist should try.

Soak up the culture

Saudi Arabia is world famous for its long, fascinating and turbulent history, which is why a trawl through some of its many sites of cultural heritage is well worth a go.

The Masmak Fortress is but one of these places. A stunning feat of architecture, the fortress was originally built in the late 19th century and has been the home of illustrious kings and gory battles.

For a more overarching appreciation of Saudi Arabia’s history, give the National Museum a go. Featuring cultural artefacts, objects and artworks, the museum is one of the most comprehensive experiences that a history buff could want.

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