7 Unusual Places to Visit in Your Lifetime

by Jules on January 15, 2014

People want different things from their holiday. Some want an action-packed adventure, some a relaxing white beach and others a journey of cultural discovery. Whatever takes your fancy, why not try somewhere a little different?

With Spain, France, Portugal and the like leading the way in popular holiday destinations, why not broaden your horizons and discover a different outlook of life? Many people are often searching for new experiences and new journeys that will open their minds to the world we live in.

But with so many countries, cultures and continents to choose from, where in the world is best to visit? Luckily, this guide, brought to you by the travel experts at Debenhams, is here to the world’s most unusual places to visit.


Iceland is one of the most intriguing and visually mind-blowing places you can visit. Its geothermal climate combined with its volcanic ferocity and sub-polar landscape won’t fail to amaze as you. Make sure you witness the eruption of powerful geyser too.


Situated in the central part of Romania, Transylvania boats a rich heritage and medieval history which stands out throughout the rest of Eastern Europe. The influence of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and its gothic 18th century architecture has brought more mystery to its lands.


As one of the world’s ‘superpowers’, Russia is also the world’s largest country. From their traditional ways of life to their military prestige, Russia is complimented with a stunning contrast of scenery and boasts some of the world most stunning and inspiring architecture.


A unique and politically reformed country, the Vietnam War often dominates visitor’s interest. A densely tropical and diverse country, Vietnam is home to a vast range of animal species, including those of the endangered kind.


Labelled as the least densely populated country in the world, Greenland is one of the Arctic’s closest neighbours and has great natural resources. Its arctic coastlines and polar backdrop are not for the faint hearted but worth every penny as you discover a beautiful yet treacherous landscape.


As the world’s fifth largest country, Brazil really does capture the lively and colourful traditions that echo throughout its Amazonian landscape. The Brazilian’s vibrant take on life and sizzling cultural heritage make Brazil a friendly and encapsulating place to visit.

What all these places have in common is their unique and intriguing culture, history and lifestyle. From the developed to the undeveloped, the religious and the contemporary to the weird and awe-inspiring, a holiday can act as much more than an escape, it can become an experience.

Hopefully this list of seven unusual places for you to visit in your lifetime has opened your mind to the possibility of straying away from the normal beach holiday to experience something completely different whether you plan on travelling alone, as a couple or with your family. A trip to any one of these locations will certainly last long in the mind, providing you with memories that you will never forget.

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