Fine cuisine in Grenoble

by Jules on January 9, 2014

French food has attained an almost god-like status the world over, admired for its meticulous preparation and the perfectionist attitude of chefs. UNESCO has even gone as far as to give the methodology involved a protected status, but perhaps the most awe-inspiring aspect of French cuisine is the variety. If you have flights for a trip to Grenoble booked, your stomach is most certainly in for a treat, with mountain specialties including the Grenoble walnut, vercors-sassenage blue cheese and the murcon sausage. Salivating already? Take a look at some of the exceptional venues below, serving up iconic French dishes and first-rate service.

Restaurant le Teleferique

With a daily menu starting from just 14 euros, you’re not going to be breaking the bank in this restaurant. Le Teleferique offers a spectrum of excellent meals, with variety being the name of the game. For a starter, make sure you try the fried shrimp and avocado guacamole, or the ocean salad. Main-wise, you can’t go to France and not eat steak – opt for either tartare or pepper sauce and you’ll be very happy indeed. The grilled lamb chops are also to die for, and the half roast cockerel provides a great alternative to the traditional options. Restaurant le Teleferique is located at Fort de la Bastille, and offers extraordinary views over Grenoble.

La Ferme a Dede

Boasting regional cuisine from the Dauphine and Savoy regions, you can expect beautifully prepared trout, chicken, crawfish, tartiflette, raclette and even veal’s head from this superb eatery. A brief look at the menu is all it takes to be convinced. Start with a Grenoble salad if you want to pay homage to the region you are staying in, before moving onto the rib roast for two people if you’re sharing, or the chicken with crayfish and boiled potatoes if you’re not. For dessert, stay traditional with a cheese plate or a crème brulee. A taste extravaganza, to be sure.

Chez Meme Paulette

This traditional-style cafe oozes in rustic style, with exposed roof beams and a counter constructed out of logs. Survey the olde-world French products and books that line the walls – Chez Meme Paulette is a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Tasty snacks are the order of the day here, but there are also a number of traditional cuisine options if you fancy a full meal. For a drink, opt for something a little more potent than coffee with the hilariously-named Spank the Granny – a tract-based vodka. As the owners themselves say: “Pay attention! You will probably not escape spanking the granny!”

L’auberge du Rhin

Specialties at this trendy eatery on rue Saint Joseph include a delightfully decadent goat pie with nuts and ham, and also a well put-together salad l’auberge. The choucroute garnie also proves to be a tasty treat, but it’s the dessert menu that really shines. Opt for the miniature strawberry millefeuille – layer upon layer of light golden pastry supplemented with generous helpings of creamy vanilla custard and homemade strawberry jam. Failing that, there’s also a rather splendid plum tarte, just waiting to be sampled.

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