Ever Considered Bulgaria?

by Jules on December 23, 2013

You might not consider Bulgaria holidays for your next jolly, but there are more than a few good reasons why you should.

Bulgaria’s coastline, where many package holidays are based, is a glorious stretch along the Black Sea. It’s home to many cheerful beach resorts, top-notch hotels and cracking things to see and do. From watersports to boat trips, sunbathing to sandcastles, big nights out to romantic walks along the seafront, there is so much to love about this beautiful corner of the world.

It has a great climate too. In the summer months, Bulgaria holidays regularly tip the 30s and offer a wonderfully warm, sun-soaked escape. At other times of the year, its Black Sea coastline is a lovely destination during the late spring or early autumn, while for winter sports enthusiasts, Bulgaria has its own up-and-coming skiing scene – perfect if you’re after some low-cost fun on the slopes!

As for culture-vultures, Bulgaria holidays are full of things to see and do. Its settled history dates back thousands of years, and evidence of Roman and Greek civilisations can be seen all over the country. Sofia is a fascinating and vibrant city that’s home to historical sights and architecture, modern buildings, theatres, museums, shops, pavement cafes, fantastic restaurants, nightclubs and more – just about everything a weekend visitor could wish to find!

To find out more about Bulgaria holidays, check out these options – http://www.thomascook.com/lp/1×6-en6ukl/holidays-bulgaria. Most of these breaks are based by the Black Sea, but if you want to reach other areas of Bulgaria, you can often take day trips. Or, go your own way and organise your own flights, hotel and maybe even car hire to discover some of the lesser-known gems of this fascinating place.

If you have never considered Bulgaria, maybe now’s the perfect time to consider a holiday somewhere new.

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