5 Perfect Winter Sun Destinations

by Jules on December 8, 2013

Winter has taken hold of the northern hemisphere once more, yet thankfully there are a whole host of hot and happening destinations just a few hours flights away. Take the opportunity and squeeze in a bit of winter sun this season.

Jamaica: Hike, swim and dance the winter away

Escape the cold weather for some tropical sunlight and head to the Caribbean island of Jamaica. This paradise isle is composed of lush jungles, home to many varieties of native plants and animals. There are a number of a beautiful, white-sand beaches on which to relax and sip a cocktail made from the local (delicious) rum. Jamaica is known for its beautiful waterfalls and these attractions provide exciting excursion options to visitors. The most popular holiday resorts on the island are Negril, Montego Bay, and Kingston. Expect laidback culture and beautiful year-round weather.

Oman: Lay claim to your own private slice of serenity

Oman is a Middle Eastern destination located on the Eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula and is rich in history and culture. Oman is home to over 500 forts and towers, one of the country’s most popular set of landmarks. The landscape of Oman has a lot to offer. Oman houses the Hajar Mountains, a majestic range of peaks. Oman also has white sand beaches and rolling sand dunes that attract many visitors. And the good news is that a wealth of new hotels have opened recently, coupled with an increase in flights, see an affordable side to Oman, especially if you use the easyvoyage, holiday comparison tool to secure the best price. The dry, warm desert weather is sure to offer respite from the cold months.

Marrakech: Souk up the atmosphere

Marrakech is a Moroccan city lying near both the Sahara Dessert and the Atlas Mountains. It is revered for its diverse landscape. The Medina area is a must-see when visiting Marrakech as it’s the old, historic district of town. With countless bazaars, street musicians and entertainers, and restaurants, there is always something going on. Visit Marrakech for a bout of warm weather and a destination chock full of things to see and do.

Ko Samui: Paradise in a nutshell

Ko Samui is a stunning island located off of the coast of Thailand. If you are looking for a beach destination, look no further than Ko Samui. The island is full of various beaches from frequented commercial options to secluded, quiet stretches of wand. Ko Samui is the perfect destination for a relaxing, carefree vacation of lounging on the beach and enjoying a good book and a cold beer. Plan your next destination to Ko Samui to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life at home.

Rio de Janeiro: Hot and happening, guaranteed!

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in Brazil, located along the South Atlantic coast and is best known for its stunning beaches and breathtaking landscape. The laidback beach culture of both cosmopolitan Copacabana and sizzling Ipanema makes this a popular vacation spot. With museums, historical landmarks and a famous annual carnival, there is also something going on 24/7. Don’t miss the mighty Sugar Loaf Mountain, aka Pao de Acucar, which dominates the skyline and hike or cheat and take the train up to witness the imposing statues of Cristo Redentor, aka the Christ the Redeemer, in all its fabulous Art Deco glory.

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