Getting from A to B in Singapore

by Jules on December 5, 2013

There are so many travel options for people who visit Singapore, from speedy rail connections to innovative car rental solutions via This unique city-state is one of the most pleasing destinations for both tourists and business travellers, so you are sure to enjoy a voyage of discovery from the moment you land in this delightful location.

If you are planning a working trip to Singapore for the first time, you will be mightily impressed by the modernity of the Central Business District. You will find some of the most spectacular office blocks to be found anywhere in the world, each of them representing a wonderful working environment designed to make every day as productive as it could be.

There is far more to Singapore than simply business, of course. The region attracts a huge number of tourists every year, drawn like a magnet from all corners of the globe to see the spectacular cityscape, the delightful countryside and a wide range of familiar landmarks. Many holiday-makers find that a week or two here is nowhere near long enough in the end.

Even though the centre of the city can get a little congested at times, in general it’s a pleasure to simply rent a car and explore the destination further. As a rule, the local drivers are very polite, and foreign residents soon get into this rather less stressful frame of mind. There aren’t many regions of the world which offer such motorist-friendly conditions now.

Holidays for every possible budget

There are a great many tourists who would like nothing more than to discover as much as possible about their chosen destinations, but who do not have the budget to do so. Thankfully, car hire in Singapore is surprisingly affordable, so any tourist who has a valid driving licence in their pocket will be able to jump in a vehicle and take to the streets.

In a similar vein, visitors will also be able to find a great range of accommodation options in Singapore. If you happen to be looking for a luxurious international hotel with all the high end amenities you could possibly need, you’ll find it with ease. And if you’re keen to stay at an affordable backpacker hostel for a low price, you can soon locate the perfect option.

When it comes to hiring a car, the visitor will have several options to choose from. Although there will undoubtedly be a temptation to leave vehicle rental until you arrive at the airport, the smarter choice is to make a booking in advance, and the best way to find a great selection of prices, as well as vehicles, is by logging on to the worldwide web.

If you are currently thinking about taking a holiday to south-east Asia, you will no doubt be weighing up all of the destinations that are open to you. While each of them will have its own specific charms, most people would agree that Singapore offers a unique blend of old world charm and cutting edge modernity.

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