Seven Essential Travel Apps

by Jules on November 29, 2013

Whether you’re off on a winter retreat or escaping for some well-earned sunshine, there are always some points of the holiday that make you want to tear your hair out. Whether it’s making sure you’ve got all your documents, to travelling or even finding the perfect clothes, we’ve picked out some apps to make your holiday much easier.


Price: Free

Take the stress out of packing! uPackingList allows you to take the chaos and clutter out of the packing process. Make lists of every item from your swimwear to your passport and put them in to colour co-ordinated categories to make sure everything is organised as you desire. Never get to the airport and forget your passport ever again!


Price: Free

TripIt is your ideal travel itinerary app. Sync the app up with your emails let it plan what you’re doing without the hassle. Whether you’ve booked a car, a flight or a hotel, TripIt will organize your plans in to a coherent list so you know exactly what you’re doing next and when you’re doing it.


Price: Free

Surely we’re all familiar with Asos by now? It’s the one place where you can find anything clothing you want from the latest swimwear to high-brand coats for the winter. The app is easy to navigate and means you’ll be able to buy just about everything you would ever need for your holiday all in one place.

Day Recorder Pro

Price: Free

Working like your own pocket sized journal, Day Recorded Pro records the events that happen throughout your day whilst showing exactly where you were with GPS. Record voice, photo and video to create a permanent memory of your holiday that can be viewed back on your phone or your PC. It’s definitely better than those horrible holiday slideshows from the nineties.


Price: Free

Use this app to track upcoming and in-air flights. You can check gate assignments, delays and cancellations all in real time as well as checking flight progress whilst in the air. Predict potential snags in your travel itinerary by viewing a national airport delay map along with current weather conditions around the world. Had your flight cancelled and need to be somewhere quick? You can even view scheduled flights between cities to find an alternate flight.


Price: Free

Keep all your important travel documents backed up in one place with EverNote. Take copies of passport, hotel and flight details just in case something terrible happens. You can also take snapshots of anything that takes your fancy online and off to make your perfect holiday itinerary. Keeping everything stored in one place has never been easier.

Weather Bug Elite

Price: £1.99

Using your phone’s GPS, this app provides the current weather conditions in your immediate vicinity. Get information such as cloud cover, humidity, satellite infrared, temperature, wind speed and more. You can view hourly updates or weather predictions up to seven days. The camera feature is a good feature to view weather conditions near you as well as the time-lapse feature from weather cameras.


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