Top 5 Resorts in Lanzarote

by Jules on November 23, 2013

Booking a Lanzarote holiday is a particularly exciting experience. You’ll want to visit the island’s many attractions, its pristine beaches and those lovely cocktail bars situated right on the coast. You can enjoy romantic walks by the harbour, savour fresh fish served in an intimate restaurant or treat the kids to an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime boat trip to see flying fish as they dance over the waves. The possibilities seem almost endless, and so it’s easy to see why Lanzarote is a top tourist destination.

It’s the perfect balance of traditional Spanish culture and commercial tourist atmosphere that makes Lanzarote such an appealing place.  Yet, whether you’re visiting the dry desert landscape of the Montañas del Fuego or the white sand beaches of the West Coast, you’ll no doubt want to know which resorts are considered the best. Here’s a list of five of Lanzarote’s best resorts, all well worth your consideration:

Costa Teguise

The beauty of Costa Teguise is in its diversity. Beaches that look like they were made for holiday brochures are just the start of what’s on offer. There are lovely little roads lined with real local shops, where you can buy Spanish groceries and where you’ll hear the language being spoken all around you, but if they’re not your thing then you’ll also find plenty of places tailored to tourists with English-speaking members of staff and typical holiday souvenirs. Harbours are surrounded by seafood restaurants, and there are a number of Irish bars offering a warm and welcoming environment with your favourite sports on TV. You’ll also find desert landscapes where lizards can be seen scuttling over the rocks.

Puerto del Carmen

Lanzarote’s original resort is the place to go for commercial beaches, great bars and dive spots. It’s got everything you’d expect from a tourist hotspot, including golf courses and authentic British and Irish pubs to give you a taste of home. You won’t be immersed in local culture, but you’ll struggle to find anywhere else that can so easily accommodate a diverse variety of tourists.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca means ‘White Beach’. This fast-growing holiday resort has become a popular destination only throughout the last decade. This area is a little more exclusive, for up-market holidays in contrast with the more lively resort of Puerto del Carmen. Expect to find harbourside eateries, crystal clear waters, golf courses and designer shops. There are regular markets, and you’ll have easy access to volcanic landscapes and to the island’s intriguing vineyards.


In an excellent location just a short drive from Puerto del Carmen, Matagorda offers the best of both worlds. You’ll have easy access to tourist attractions and home comforts, but this small resort is a more peaceful alternative without the lively bars and night clubs and with a more authentic atmosphere. Still, you’ll find a varied mix of restaurants and bars within Matagorda itself, ensuring that there’s no need to go further afield to find your favourite foods.

Puerto Calero

You won’t find another resort as peaceful as Puerto Calero. There’s relatively little to do, but that’s what appeals to those that visit the area. You can relax in your villa, take a walk to the marina or sip cocktails by the beach. You can fill your days with boat trips and scuba diving, but expect an emphasis on rest and relaxation over an abundance of things to do.

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