6 of the Most Expensive Places to Live in America

by Jules on November 21, 2013

If you’ve got money to spend on a lavish lifestyle in one of America’s most expensive places to live, then you’ll find that a multitude of opportunities are available. If you’ve not, then it can be interesting to see how the ‘other half’ live. Here are six of the most expensive places to live in America – a vast majority are in California.

Which would you like to call ‘home’?

Sunnyvale, California

Even Sunnyvale’s name sounds expensive. This ‘sunny valley’ has high year-round temperatures, high school graduation rates of 89% and average house values of more than $707k. Even rental prices are high, averaging more than $1,400 a month. Fortunately, the average household income is also considerably higher than the national average, and Sunnyvale’s crime rates are low. Most of the people that live in Sunnyvale work within a 30 minute drive of their home.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is even more expensive than Sunnyvale, if you’re looking to buy a house and live in the city. Rental prices, on the other hand, are a little bit cheaper. You’re certainly paying for your location, right by the Golden Gate Bridge on the Californian coast. Crime rates are a little higher in San Francisco, and high school graduation rates are a little lower.

Santa Clara, California

If you live in Santa Clara then you’ll benefit from warmer weather, better high school graduation rates and lower levels of crime. Santa Clara is a more affordable place to buy a property, with house values averaging around $644k. On the other hand, rental prices are similar to those in Sunnyvale. In comparison, given that the average household income is slightly lower, you’ll find that the Santa Clara and Sunnyvale offer very similar lifestyles. Both allow you to live a little better than you would in San Francisco.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Household incomes, house prices and rental costs are all slightly lower in Honolulu than they are in California, though the overall cost of living is a little higher. Expect lovely Hawaii weather, better air quality and a student-to-teacher ratio of 19:1 for your money. 83% of Honolulu students graduate from high school, and of course you’ll get to live on a small island with some tropical paradise beaches.

San Jose, California

Back in California, San Jose is a slightly cheaper place to live unless you’re looking for somewhere to rent. High school graduation rates are a little lower at 78%, and the average household income, though still high for California as a whole, is significantly lower than in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.

Fremont, California

Household incomes in Fremont, California, are some of the highest in the state. In fact, the average household income is a little over $96k. In turn, rental prices are higher than typical though buying a house offers value for money with house values averaging around $642k. Fremont has a relatively good level of air quality, and high school graduation rates of around 88%. Within easy reach of San Francisco Bay, Fremont also offers plenty of green spaces and parks to enjoy.

What do you think of these expensive places to live? Have you got your own to add to our list, or do you think that you can get better value elsewhere? Which towns and cities would you recommend to people looking for places to live in America with a budget that can stretch? Comment below, and let us know.

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