Visiting Ibiza With Children

by Jules on October 25, 2013

Ibiza undoubtedly has a reputation for being the party capital of the world, particularly during the European summer months. With over 2 million young (and young at heart!) party-goers visiting the tiny island in the short party season alone, it is easy to see why those with young families would be put off choosing the Balearic island as their summer getaway. However in recent years, Ibiza tourist officials have been keen to promote the island as a suitable destination for every type of tourist. From its glorious beaches to its child-friendly hotels, this article highlights just some of things Ibiza has to offer away from its abundance of nightclubs, and will hopefully convince you that it can be the perfect holiday spot for you and your kids!

Ibiza & its beautiful beaches…

As far as Mediterranean beaches go, you would be hard pushed to find any more spectacular than those found on Ibiza. In fact, the whole island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1999 due to its stunning natural beauty. While most travel blogs would encourage you to be up at the crack of dawn in order to catch a glimpse of Ibiza’s famed, picturesque sun rise, we know that just isn’t practical when you’re holidaying with children. However with plenty of activities throughout the day, and an arguably equally as stunning sun set, we’re sure the Ibiza beaches are perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Many of the most popular tourist beaches are packed during the island’s peak months of May through to early October, so if you’re looking for something a little bit quieter and a lot more child-friendly, here´s our top recommendations:

  • Cala Bassa Beach: Located on the west coast of the island, Cala Bassa is a little bay that is ideally situated close to the main tourist areas, but still offers a more tranquil and safer setting for those wanting to visit with children. Stretching for over 300m, this beach is only a 15 minute drive from the town of San Antonio, with boat and bus drops running regularly throughout the day. Perfect for water sports.
  • Cala Gracio Beach: Again found close to San Antonio (only 2km away and accessible by foot), this beach offers a bit more privacy and peace and quiet than the previous. Running for only 80m, this beach sits in a deep cove, meaning there are no extreme currents or waves (peace of mind if your little ones are fond of the water!)
  • Sa Caleta Beach: This time located in the south of the island, Sa Caleta (also known as Es Bol Nou) is a 15 minute drive from Ibiza Town. Backed by red cliffs and with clear shallow waters, this beautiful beach is extremely popular amongst families.

Accommodation to suit your family’s needs

So you´ve picked out your favourite beaches, researched the nearby areas, and now it’s time to choose where you want to stay. When holidaying with children especially, this will largely depend on how you intend on get about the place during your stay. For example, hiring a car will provide you with a larger scope and greater choice of accommodation. The beaches mentioned above, particularly Cala Gracio, are surrounded by more private hotels away from the hustle and bustle of the party strips. Another popular choice among families is renting a villa, given their greater flexibility and privacy. Areas we would recommend include the previously mentioned San Antonio and San Rafael (only if hiring a car), although generally the more north you go on the island, the quieter it gets. The best time to travel is the end of June, just before the absolute peak of the season. It is possible for deals to be found for this time of year if booked well in advance, so get looking now!

Making sure they don’t get bored

Beach? Tick. Somewhere to rest your weary head at night? Tick. Now for the activities!

As we’re sure you’re aware, one of the most challenging things about going on holiday with your kids is ensuring that they don’t get bored. Not only will these activities keep them entertained for hours, but they´ll also provide you with a well earned break…

  • Minibiza: Open air garden filled with original toys and workshops. Located close to Ibiza Town.
  • Aguamar Water Slide Park: Provides a fun alternative to the beach. Located at Playa d’en Bossa.
  • Bowling Center, found in the heart of Play d’en Bossa’s shopping district.
  • Arabosc: Outdoor assault course sure to be enjoyed by both young and old! Located between Santa Eulalia and Es Caná, with tickets ranging from €10-€20.
  • Karting at San Antonio: The only karting track on the west side of the island. Perfect for those families who enjoy an adrenaline rush! Prices range from €10 to €25.

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