Top 10 Most Expensive Cities Revealed

by Jules on October 18, 2013

It’s that time of year again when this year’s most expensive destinations are revealed and the list features the usual suspects, as well as some surprising locations!

The study was undertaken by TripAdvisor and charts the costs for typical tourist expenses, from a one night stay in a four star hotel, a return taxi trip and a night out including dinner and cocktails for two. And the top ten are…

  1. Oslo, Norway
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Stockholm, Sweden
  4. New York
  5. Paris
  6. Sydney
  7. London
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Cancun, Mexico
  10. Punta Cana, Dominican republic

The Norwegian city of Oslo has come out as the most expensive city in the world, thanks largely to the very strong local currency (the Krone) and the large revenues brought in thanks to the abundant oil reserves.

The Swiss city of Zurich was revealed to be the second most expensive city, driven by expensive shopping, high rents and costly taxes. The top three is completed by the third European city on the list: Stockholm in Sweden where eating and drinking out can prove costly.

No surprise that one of the most enigmatic cities in the world is also one of the most expensive – New York City is an absolute must-experience, but don’t despair, once you’ve paid for your flight and accommodation, there are reams of free things to do in the Big Apple.

There are also a wealth of ways to make your stay in the city of love, aka Paris, a lot less costly. Consider staying at one of the outer arrondissements and using the superb public transport system to get into the heart of the city. Buy an all-you-can-see pass for the Paris museums, art galleries and sights and avoid the clichéd sights in favour of the smaller, yet no less intriguing sights.

And when it comes to London, the same rules apply: stay outside of Central London which is notoriously expensive at the best of times. Shun the pricey restaurants and bars in favour of the local pubs and cafes hidden off the beaten track. And many of the museums and galleries across London offer free entry every single day too!

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