Camping in the Winter: An Ill-Advised Affair?

by Jules on October 11, 2013

Camping is generally considered summer fare, but as seasoned campers get sick of packed out campsites, more and more are turning to winter camping. To an unseasoned camper, it might seem like a bad idea, what with the cold and unappealing weather, but there are many benefits to camping in the winter. Not only is it a quieter, less sociable affair, but the entire of the countryside is more serene and beautiful. There are however, a few skills you might want to master first.

Learn How To Make Fire

One of man’s (and woman’s) defining skills, making fire is a skill that not many of us actually possess. Learning how to build, nurture and put out a fire safely and effectively will make your wintery experience a cosy one. If possible, find a tent that can take a stove inside it, but if you don’t have one, you’ll need to learn how to cook on an open fire too.

Location, Location, Location

Even in summer, where your tent is situated is important. In winter, it is doubly so. You shouldn’t camp too far away from hot food, warmth and drink, (i.e. a pub). If you’re on a campsite, then there may be rudimentary supplies at the office if you decide to give up and you need creature comforts.

If you have kids, it might be a good idea to go to a holiday park. Here, at places like Park Resorts, you get the best of both worlds. Offering camping facilities as well as entertainment for the kids, these places offer a warm, inviting place for when the tent doesn’t seem so appealing.

Bring the Right Equipment  

You will regret a flimsy tent and standard sleeping bags when the wind is howling and the rain or snow is heavy. Be prepared and choose a thicker tent, and a sleeping bag with an appropriate temperature rating, ideally one with a lower rating than what you’ll actually be sleeping in (which is why it’s important to check the weather first too). The mummy style of sleeping bag, the one with the hood, will ensure your head is kept warm too. Thick, warm clothes are always recommended, especially at night as the temperature will drop dramatically. You should always bring spares, as not having dry socks to wear can be torturous.

Eat Right

You’ll need to eat the right food when you’re cold, as you burn more calories. You’ll need healthy, but hot and hearty meals to keep your energy levels up. Things like dried fruit, baked goods as well as meat, butter and cheese are essentials. Hot tea is a must have too, not only will it create a cosy atmosphere, it will keep morale up and perk you up. Another benefit of camping in a holiday camp is that you know that food is never far away.

A Breeze If You’re Prepared

So if you’re thinking of a winter camping trip, beating the crowds and having a relaxing and cosy experience, then there’s no reason why you can’t if you’ve planned it right. For an enjoyable stay in some of the most picturesque sites, places like offer wonderful locations with minimal prep.

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