6 Ways to Stay on Course During Your Road Trip

by Jules on September 29, 2013

If you’re heading out on the road for a fun road trip, you’ll want to stay on course. From smartphones and tablets to GPS, not to mention many other devices, it’s easy to get exact directions these days. These six apps will keep you on course the next time you hit the road. The couple tips after will also make your trip as rewarding and full as you would want it.

Google Maps

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Google Maps is one of the most popular apps out there when it comes to navigating. Available again on iPhones, the free Google Maps app helps get you where you need to go, no matter your device. It’s accurate and includes maps that come with built-in Google search, navigation with a voice guide, and even public transit directions if you plan to hop out of the car. This begs the question, how did people travel before Google Maps? Especially with public transportation having tardiness issues in some places, this app is great in the fact that you get up to date schedules.


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Another free app, MapQuest gives you turn-by-turn, voice-guided GPS navigation. The app speaks to you, letting you know when and where you’ll have to turn. It’s like much more expensive apps. You also can search for restaurants and other popular sites easily and check live traffic while you go. You don’t have to worry if you’ve made a wrong turn — the app will re-route you automatically.

Yellow Pages

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Yellow Pages offers up another option for those who want to get their navigation free. This app combines a lot of cool features with its turn-by-turn voice navigation. You’ll also get reviews, business listings, and discounts, all within the app. You’ll check out millions of businesses nearby, just by tapping the screen. This way, you won’t waste any valuable time going off course.


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Waze is yet another free app. You’ll save your money for more fun on the road if you don’t pay for your navigation. This one uses crowdsourcing and social navigation to guide you. By joining in with other drivers near you, you’ll see how to get out of traffic and save time and money on gas. And with more time and money on your side, you’ll get the insurance you need at www.autoinsurance.us and make your summer trip even more fun.

Garmin U.S.A.

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Garmin is well-known for its GPS products. You either can get the full GPS to guide you or opt for the app. At $59.99, the app requires you to put in more than its free counterparts, but it brings navigation up a notch. You’ll get Garmin’s photoReal images to help you navigate confidently along with great mapping, complete with 3D. This is the app that I personally use that doesn’t lag in directions and have you missing some of your exits thus adding to your travel time.

TomTom U.S.A.

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Likewise, TomTom helps you navigate whether you choose the app or the GPS. If you’re heading somewhere new, doing it with the $49.99 TomTom makes things easier. If you don’t feel like toting around another device with a GPS, having the app in your smartphone means you have your GPS wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about losing the signal because the app functions offline as well.

Whether you’re using a GPS, tablet, or smartphone, finding your way on this summer’s road trip has never been easier. Take your pick from free and more involved apps to figure out a system that best gets you where you need to go.

Write Down Goals

As in most things, writing down goals is the best way to hold on to the goals. Traveling is no different, make sure that you reach each of these on your trip to get the most out of your venture. For example, make sure that you have realistic mileage goals for each day so you don’t get too far behind of where you want to be and when. Make sure to write down the potential sites that you want to visit and how much time you’d like to spend there. With everything written down plan for the worst just so you are pleasantly surprised when you are ahead of schedule or you do not meet some of your goals.

Road trips can be one of those things that you can remember for the rest of your life. There are also road trip horror stories that mostly have to deal with car issues or getting lost. Make sure that your car is working great before you leave to avoid any of these issues. Traffic is something that you cannot control but make sure that you take care of everything that you can control to have the best trip possible. Make your road trip a thing that you remember for all of the right reasons whenever you return!

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