5 Reasons You Must Visit Goa in the Monsoons

by Jules on September 28, 2013

Monsoons won’t let you enjoy the sun, sand and surfing in Goa. However, Goa has a lot more to offer than just beaches. It looks absolutely beautiful during the monsoons. No! It’s not marketing hype. You have to be there to believe what I say. Trust me; Goa is at its natural best during monsoon season. More than anything, accommodation in Goa is much easier and cheaper during this season.

If you’ve been planning to visit Goa during the monsoon season, I am sure your friends warned you that it might be rainy and there would be no fun to be had.  But why not visit Goa during the rains, there’s some amazing scenery to explore, fishing and some vibrant festivals to indulge in, and other monsoon activities to take part in. I can give you five other reasons you should visit Goa in the monsoon.

Unexploited Goa

During monsoons, Goa is less exploited with no maddening crowds at the beaches unlike the peak season. I wouldn’t recommend you visit the beaches during the high tides when it’s raining. Nevertheless, you can walk along the beaches during the rains just to see the giant waves from a distance. It’s one of a kind experience! But remember, swimming isn’t allowed.

Nature at its best

Why simply head Goa for the beaches. There is a lot more to see if you get just a little way from the beaches. There are waterfalls, lush green landscape, water streams and a lot more. Dudhsagar Falls are a treat to watch during the rains. Other lesser explored spots are the Mollem National Park and Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary where there is abundant nature and which look spectacular in the rains.

Accommodation made easier

Most hotels in Goa offer discounts during the monsoons. If you are smart, you can get a good bargain. What makes Goa more attractive during monsoons is that it saves you a lot of money, as there are special offers provided by popular hotels to attract customers. And because hotel bookings in Goa are easier during the rains, it should be one good enough reason to visit.

Monsoon Nightlife

Agreed that the famous Goa nightlife is minimal during this season, however the clubs rock all year around. All popular restaurant, resto-bars and nightclubs are generally active even during the monsoon.

Goan Festivals

Here’s the most important one. If you happen to visit Goa during the monsoon, there are some festivals you can look forward to. Goans participate ardently to celebrate monsoons during these wonderful festivals. Sao Joao Feast of St John the Baptist is the most popular festival in North Goa, that takes place on June 24 annually. The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm on June 29. Bonderam is the mega festival of Goa that takes place on August 24. All these festivals see locals rafting, sailing, singing songs and performing plays.

Life is slow here, but is at its pace. For Goans, life is a holiday throughout the year. It is definitely worth exploring Goa’s unexploited, abundant nature during the monsoon.


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