Don’t Miss These Cities on a Europe River Cruise

by Jules on September 20, 2013

Opting for a river cruise through Europe has to be the most relaxing and enjoyable way to soak up the seemingly never ending parade of beautiful cities, intriguing UNESCO World Heritage Sites and larger than life landmarks.

Linz, Austria

Located along the Danube River is the third largest city in Austria; Linz is culturally colourful and offers travellers an excellent opportunity to explore Austria at its finest. A popular tourist slogan of Linz is “It starts in Linz” or “In Linz beginnt’s.”

The New Cathedral is the largest church in Austria and is a cultural must-see, as is the Old Cathedral. You can also catch up with its various events like the Bruckner Festival, Pflasterspektakel, Ars Electronica Festival and Cloud of Sounds. The Linz castle and the Trinity Column are a treat for architecture lovers. If you have some time left for nature, do visit the Botanical Gardens on Gugl.

Vienna, Austria

Austria’s largest city is also the largest when it comes to culture, economy and politics. Some features of the imperial capital can still be explored, which gives the city an enormous historical significance for travellers. The city centre is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

If you happen to be in Vienna whilst on your river cruises in Europe, time your visit with the annual carnival season, which takes place each January/February – do visit the wonderful ball in City Hall or Vienna Hofburg. The open air film festivals are something you should try if you want to experience something unique. Apart from that, the ImPulsTanz Festival in the summer is a must-have experience for everyone interested in the dancing arts.

Bratislava, Slovakia

The gorgeous city of Bratislava is Slovakia’s largest and capital city and buzzes with a medieval air, yet remains peaceful next to the mighty Danube. In the City Museum of the Old Town Hall, you can visit the clock tower and satiate the historian in you by visiting the intimidating but mysterious dungeons. The best way to experience Bratislava is to take a walk through small historical monuments in the city, visit the Bratislava zoo and rest in the Botanical Gardens. In December, the sprawling Christmas market caters to your every whim when it comes to sourcing souvenirs and unique gifts for your friends back home.

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s capital is energetic, youthful and full of vitality. The classical music that you will experience here is unparalleled and to ensure you are fresh from your travels, there is always a thermal bath on hand to ease away any stresses.

Get a map and mark the places you want to see and Budapest will be your proverbial oyster, with little cafes and restaurants dotted along the route, almost acting as mileposts. To make things interesting, you can always hire a bike and take a cycling tour, which will guide you through this captivating city. In the winter season, ice skating on the lake of Vajdahunyad Vára castle is a delight.

Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg is located in the Bavarian region of Germany, and stepping into the town is incredibly humbling as the colourful Roman history flashes before your eyes. The best way to enjoy the city is to take a guided tour which takes in the key sights. Also, the Sunday mass at the cathedral is another delight to experience. You could visit one of the breweries and buy some local beer as a souvenir. You can find some wine too, but the local beer is the best thing you will try. Also try their sweet mustard or “Händlmaier’s Senf” with white sausages.

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