7 Nude Beaches – Naturalist Road Tripping Along Australia’s East Coast

by Jules on August 27, 2013

Has the curiosity of what visiting a nude beach might be like hit you? Or, perhaps, you’re well acquainted with visiting nude beaches. Either way, Australia’s East Coast has plenty of nudist beaches to check out if you’re up for the adventure.

We recommend jumping in the campervan (start here by renting one near Sydney) and drive your shiny new rental (preferably with clothes on) along Australia’s sunny gold coast line this summer!

For an epic road trip, follow our guide to the 7 best nudist beaches on the Eastern Coast of Australia:

Lady Jane Beach, Sydney

Lady Jane Beach, or Lady Bay Beach as some call it, is one of the most popular nude beaches in Australia, and also the oldest! This small beach can be found by taking a peaceful walk through one of Sydney’s national parks. It attracts a wide variety of naturalists – both straight and gay women and men of all ages. If you’re a bit unsure about taking it all off, you also have the option to leave your swimsuit on when exploring this busy little beach.

Balding Bay Beach, Magnetic Island

Balding Bay Beach is a very popular nudist beach on Australia’s East Coast, and in fact, it is may just be the most favored nude beach in the country! Located off the coast of Townsville, on Magnetic Island, Balding Bay Beach can be accessed either by boat or an hour or so long walk. It’s very popular with backpackers, as there is a nearby campground to retreat at.

Sunnyside North Beach, Mount Eliza

This hidden nudist beach may take a little while to find, but once you discover it, you’ll surely enjoy its relaxed atmosphere, perfect for anyone’s first nude beach experience. Another awesome feature of Sunnyside North Beach is that it’s family friendly, which can help to make things feel even more comfortable for first-timers.

Buchans Point, Cairns

Buchans Point is a longstanding nudist beach that has been around since the 1950s. It’s hugely popular among naturists, especially the Cairns Sunboys, a social group of gay naturists. Located between Palm Cove and Ellis Beach, Buchans Point offers an incredible view and doesn’t usually seem to get too crowded.

Taylorwood Resort, Whitsundays

Taylorwood Resort is a laid-back, private nudist beach located in Whitsundays, perfect for couples who aren’t accustomed to being naturists just yet. It offers a stunning pool and plenty of shade under gorgeous palm trees when you need a break from the sun. Taylorwood Resort also offers a variety of fun activities to help you mingle with other beachgoers, including “dress up” theme events and a fire pit to join around with friends.

Samurai Beach Resort, Sydney

This gem is one of Australia’s most prized treasures. It features a gorgeous, sandy beach overlooking brilliant blue waters along with a rugged terrain. In addition, this beach is also well known for its entertaining activities that range from nudist Olympics to an annual nudist carnival. Samurai Beach Resort has been operating successfully for quite some time – over 40 years, in fact! It became a legal nudist beach through an act of parliament during the 1970s.

Belongil Beach, Byron Bay

A section of Belongil Beach in Byron Bay allows nude sunbathing and skinny dipping year round. In addition, an area nudist group organises different events each month, such as picnics on the beach or games, which occur on the third Sunday of every month.

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