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by Jules on August 20, 2013

It is a good idea to book your flight and hotel in advance to get the best deals on your trip to Amsterdam. Make sure you’ve packed all your essentials before the day of departure. If you’re driving to the airport, it’s a good idea to book your airport parking from for a great deal and to ensure your car stays safe.

The Best Of Amsterdam, Netherland’s Museums, Canals And The Romance

Amsterdam, with its museums, man-made canals and the vibrant culture, is an enigma to many tourists: how can a city that is culturally so reverent, double up as sophisticated and cosmopolitan? Well, we really don’t know.

Here’s presenting to you the best of Amsterdam in a nutshell. And no, this list isn’t exhaustive at all!

The Museums

Amsterdam is home to several museums, most of which are housed in charming two-storey mansions with a well-manicured garden surrounding the quaint structure.

Head to the Anne Frankhuis, home to Anne Frank, a 13-year old girl with her first-hand experience of the holocaust and the Nazi terror. As you sift through the carefully preserved diary that contains her innocent scrawl, you are sure to leave the hall misty-eyed.

The Van Gogh Museum, which houses most of Vincent Van Gogh’s works, is a must visit. From Sunflowers to a multitude of self-portraits, there are more than 250 masterpieces that adorn the walls. If you are a Van Gogh fan, you definitely must make this place your holy stop in the city.

The Rijksmuseum is another captivating art gallery in the city that stands apart from the others simply because it has some of the rarest paintings in Holland. The Night Watch by Rembrandt, miniature paintings by Vermeer, and masterpieces by Frans Hals are some of the eclectic paintings you get to relish here.

The Canals

The canals in Amsterdam are beautiful and they will leave you with faith that man can indeed build pretty masterpieces, unlike erecting tall scrapers and glass structures. There are 65 miles of canals in the city, 90 islands that are created within the canals since the 17th century and more than 400 charming stone bridges that will leave you awestruck. The Gratchengordel is a UNESCO certified World Heritage Site.

If you’re content to simply gaze at the canals, there are a myriad of vantage points available for you to people-watch and absorb yourself in the beauty of the turquoise water over a cup of coffee. If you’d like to do some canal boogying, there are various houseboats, yachts, cruise lines available for you to choose from. Some of them are hopelessly romantic and offer you candle light dinner packages under the moon. And wait, there’s more in store for romantic souls.

The Romance

Amsterdam caters to romantic travellers in many ways. There are pretty gardens for you to stroll about, bicycle rides with the traditional pedalo for you to enjoy with your partner and tulips available at every street corner to offer to your spouse. You’ll never run out of options to propose to your loved one and if you do it in a houseboat on the canal, there is a huge chance she’ll succumb to your charms…err…Amsterdam’s charms!

Getting home

Be careful that you don’t ruin the trip on your journey home! The public transport could be delayed – so it’s important to check ahead! If you have followed the steps earlier in the article, you don’t have to worry about your car back home in the UK. It’ll wait for you in the airport parking space and if you’ve topped the fluids, you can drive away instantly to get back to work. Take me for example, the last trip I made to Amsterdam rejuvenated me thoroughly and getting home didn’t stress me out. I had booked my airport parking Bristol meet and greet service in advance, so my car was awaiting me at the airport terminal. I really feel that by improving your travel experience, you can improve the quality of your trip to Amsterdam!

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