5 Great Reasons to Opt for a Villa Holiday This Year

by Jules on July 19, 2013

If you’ve never considered a villa getaway before, why not? With total privacy guaranteed and the freedom to come and go completely as you choose, it’s the obvious choice for the independent traveller!

Freedom and Independence in Holiday Villas
Summer is the perfect time to get away from home and to enjoy a holiday under the sun. By opting to take advantage of a villa holiday this year, you’ll experience a new type of traveling that gives you your own independence away from all of the tourists that you may typically come in contact with when staying at hotels and resorts in major travel destinations. This alone is one main reason why you may opt for a villa holiday. Enjoy a relaxing, peaceful retreat where you don’t have to deal with screaming children, crowded pools and high nightly rates. In your holiday villa, you are able to do what you want, when you want without anyone telling you otherwise. If your villa includes a full-size kitchen, purchase your own food for the duration of your stay and have somewhere to store it and prepare it without having to depend on restaurant openings at the hotel. Villas truly give you more freedom than resorts and hotels do.

Privacy and Relaxation
Another top reason why you should opt for summer villa holidays this year is simply for privacy. Being surrounded by crowds of other tourists can become quite stressful and put a real strain on the ability to fully enjoy your holiday. With children running around, screaming parents and crowds of people everywhere, it can be hard to relax. When on holiday, it is especially important to be able to get away from all of the stress that your daily life brings and to sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of summer. In a villa, you do not have to worry about other holidaymakers ruining your time. Villas may even include their own swimming pools that you can enjoy during any time of the night or day, a large amount of space with convenient home facilities and your own privacy.

Spacious Accommodation
Opt for a holiday villa this year if you are in need of a large amount of space that hotels simply do not offer. Villas are much larger than hotel and resort rooms and include all of the basic conveniences that you would typically find at home, if not more. With separate bedrooms, a living area, bathrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen, bring along your entire family and relax comfortable with these spacious accommodations that provide you with a real home away from home feel.

Fully Furnished and Convenient
Enjoying a holiday at a hotel limits you to a small amount of space with typically only one or two beds and a bathroom. In a holiday villa, you will enjoy a fully-furnished home complete with sitting areas and more. Here you will find major conveniences that will make your holiday special including swimming pools, spas, dishwashers, air conditioning, internet access and more.

Best of all, choosing to stay in a villa on holiday provides you with affordability that you simply do not get when staying at a hotel. Because villas are typically rented out per week and not per day, you will find low weekly prices which can cost less than one night in a hotel; especially when you factor in the per person cost. Ultimately, holiday villas give you more bang for your buck!

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