Richard Branson’s Tips on Writing the Perfect Travel Complaint Letter

by Jules on June 30, 2013

Aviation magnate Richard Branson has shared a particularly sarcastic letter of complaint on his blog, which he says ‘tickled’ him.

The letter was to the airline LIAT, in which Branson’s Virgin Atlantic has a partnership. The note was penned by Arthur Hicks who sarcastically complains about the multitude of stop-offs during his trip to the Caribbean – six in total! It also moans about the amount of time in various airport terminals, the number of security scanners and pat downs. It finishes with the wonderfully humorous and sarcastic line P.S. Keep the bag. I never liked it anyway.” Read the full letter on Richard Branson’s blog.

The letter was actually received and replied to personally by Branson himself, yet caught travellers’ attention again after a tweet from Branson to his three million followers.

Richard Branson is of course no stranger to letters of complaint: famously in 2008 he shared what he called ‘the world’s best’ complaint letter. The note detailed a passenger’s “culinary journey of hell” on a Virgin flight. The letter details every meal, snack and drink in great detail onboard the flight and even included seven pictures that the passenger had snapped!

So if you want to get the attention of the airline entrepreneur himself, craft a funny, inventive and sarcastic letter – we Brits love sarcasm!

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