Why Train is the ONLY Way to Go

by Jules on June 26, 2013

In an era where we want it all and we want it now, it’s easy to lose sight of just how much better we see the world around us if we slow down, step back and think back to simpler times.

Getting the train used to be seen as a luxury; it allowed you to sit back and be delivered to your destination, with no need to worry about driving hundreds of miles across several hours. Instead, you just had to decide whether you wanted tea or coffee as you sat back and watched the countryside roll by.

So in a time when we can drive hundreds of miles in just a few hours thanks to improved motorway networks, coupled with faster and more fuel efficient cars, why do we still get the train?

Here are just a few reasons why you should ALWAYS get the train:

Reduced Stress

Travelling around a country or continent could involve numerous hours spent sat in traffic, stood in waiting rooms and queuing for boarding meaning that when you eventually reach your destination you’re stressed and flustered. With trains, you simply buy your ticket, wait for the train to arrive and jump on until you reach your destination, enjoying the views along the way that you wouldn’t normally see.

A Sense of Occasion

Getting the train can often add a real sense of occasion to your journey. You might be travelling in Yorkshire, a beautiful part of the United Kingdom. Rather than travelling along the motorway networks, where you don’t see anything because you’ve got traffic to deal with, travelling along the North Yorkshire moors railway will allow you to see the countryside and historic parts of North Yorkshire that are only accessible on foot or by rail.

Reduced Journey Times

Depending on traffic, it can take forever to get from one city centre to another by road, especially when you take all the one way systems into account. Taking these journeys by rail however, can significantly reduce journey time.

Reduced Journey Costs

When you book your train tickets in advance, you can make some real savings. In addition to this, booking return tickets will also help to make the journey cost cheaper, when travelling by car is going to cost the same amount, regardless of how much you plan in advance.

Comfort Breaks

Of course, one of the most frustrating parts about travelling any distance is the call of nature. On the motorways you can go miles without finding somewhere to stop to use the toilet. When on a train however, they don’t just have them instantly available, but you keep racking up the miles in the process.

Matt Rawlings is a UK-based travel writer. Having moved away from home to attend University, Matt has spent plenty of time sat on trains travelling back and forth, as well as using this form of transport to see friends and sporting events, so knows trains like the back of his hand!

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