Take A Challenging Fishing Holiday In Australia

by Jules on June 24, 2013

Australia is a great place to go for a fishing holiday. Anglers come from all around the world to enjoy casting their lines in many outstanding fishing spots. Parts of Australia’s coastline includes towns that are surrounded with enormous sections of coastline, which offer some of the best fishing spots in the country. For instance, some productive fishing can be done at Queensland, or you could try Hervey Bay for another excellent fishing expedition. In addition, you can find several fishing spots located with easy access from Sydney.

Many people start fishing at a young age, and as they grow older, they become experts looking for new places to fish for new challenges. At one of Australia’s unique fishing areas, you will be able to find new challenges when you fish for snapper, whiting and mulloway. With the right fishing gear, you can have the opportunity to catch large varieties of fish. You can fish for bream, mullet, salmon, whiting and trout. Some of the biggest whiting have been caught at one of the many locations available on Australia’s coast.

For some of the fishing, the most effective method for successfully securing your fish is trolling small lures. The tackle does not need to be too heavy to secure the fish. In addition, a kayak can be used to reach some areas for more challenging fishing.

When you travel to Australia’s North West area, you can enjoy reef and beach fishing. You will be able to fish for the elusive Barramundi. The Barramundi is considered one of Australia’s premier sports fish, and anglers can face one of their largest challenges when they hook a Barramundi. However, if you want a more relaxing fishing expedition, you can fish for tuna, red emperor, blue salmon and snapper. In addition, you can find new challenges in freshwater fishing when you fish from a river or tidal creek location. For instance, reef fishing is a great chance to fish for cod, mackerel or sea perch.

You can seek advice from a specialist from one of the local fishing tackle shops. They can offer you advice on the best equipment and fishing spots. In addition, you can team up with a fishing tour or charter group to have a new experience while in Australia.

Some fishing safety tips can help make your fishing trip more enjoyable. You will want to take extra supplies such as fuel, water and a first aid kit. Before leaving for your destination, let someone know where you will be fishing and when you plan to return. If something does go wrong on your fishing expedition, you should remain with your boat or vehicle until help arrives. In addition, you should keep a satellite phone, extra food and life jackets on board your boat in case of an emergency.

Be aware of the crocodiles and box jellyfishes that inhabit the northwest waters. The sting of the jellyfish can be extremely painful and life threatening. Keep vinegar on hand for the stings and get medical help if stung. To prevent the crocodiles from coming near your camp, you should clean your fish away from the boat ramps and camp area. The final tip is to check tide charts before setting out on your fishing expedition. Boats can become stranded at low tide, or they can get caught by an incoming tide if you are creek fishing. Follow the safety tips and get the right equipment to enjoy new challenges at one of the fishing spots in Australia.

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