Most Expensive US Cities Revealed for Summer 2013

by Jules on June 11, 2013

The third annual TripIndex Cities cost comparison has just been released by TripAdvisor® which reveals the most expensive US cities this summer.

Based on a one night stay at a 4 star hotel, taxi trip, cocktails and dinner for two, a total of twenty cities across the USA were assessed, with some interesting results! The accommodations costs were taken for a stay between 1 June and 31 August 2013, which gives a great insight into this summer’s holiday costs.

And the most expensive city this year is Honolulu in Hawaii thanks to the most expensive hotel stay and also the second most expensive destination for a round of martinis. In fact you could have three nights stay at a comparable Las Vegas hotel! On average, hotel prices have risen 18% since last summer, but Honolulu 4 star hotels have risen by 29%. The good news is that a meal for two in Honolulu is one of the cheapest in the survey.

The second most expensive US destination this summer is New York City where dinner for two comes out the most expensive. Pre-dinner cocktails are also the most expensive out of all 20 US cities in this survey.

And in third place is the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The most expensive taxi trip based on a two mile journey goes to Los Angeles.

In 2012, 15 US cities were were ranked with the most expensive cities coming out as; New York, Boston and San Francisco. Honolulu was in fifth spot in 2012.

Top 10 Most Expensive US Cities Summer 2013

Total costs based on one night hotel stay, taxi trip, dinner and cocktails for two (the national average is $398.95);

1. Honolulu, Hawaii $504.94
2. New York City $504.25
3. Boston, Massachusetts $473.59
4. San Francisco, California $471.89
5. Chicago, Illinois $448.45
6. Los Angeles, California $447.61
7. Washington, D.C. $446.13
8. Seattle, Washington $415.04
9. Orlando, Florida $408.81
10. San Diego, California $399.45

Thanks to the TripIndex report from TripAdvisor which has all of the stats on their Infographic.

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