Why smartphones are essential tools for traveling

by Jules on June 6, 2013

If you have not already been bitten by the smart mobile phone bug then now is the time to invest in the ultimate travel companion. Regular mobile phones have long been in the list of essentials for travels, but now the smartphone revolution has caused everything you need to travel being right there in your pocket from the moment you open the box. You may wish to read the latest mobile phone reviews for further details of specifications of the handsets.

The historic list of essentials for travelers would always include some basic pieces that if forgotten could potentially ruin your whole trip. Your mobile phone could now come with all of those basics right out of the box it came in. Maps for finding your way around unknown countries will now come preloaded on most current smartphones. Basic weather information will also be available, additional applications can even suggest the best surf and kite spots. We of course cannot forget the digital camera, say goodbye hoping that you actually captured that perfect moment with everyone smiling, or hoping that the flash did go off, your built in digital camera with make creating beautiful images quick and easy. Sharing those beautiful photos is also made simple through your social networks, simply upload them through your mobile network or find a local WIFI hot spot. The growth of apps such as Instagram have also increased the level of photo sharing. Downloading applications can also simplify your travel experience before you even set off, including a personal assistant that collects the confirmation emails from flights, hotels, rental cars and restaurants then generates a personal itinerary with real time alerts letting you know about flight times and any unexpected delays.
Apps such as Kayak Pro can offer you further details with regards to a personal itinerary.

The previous list of essentials has been replaced by a phone that sits neatly in your pocket, and for anything that the smartphone doesn’t have you can even use it to create a list so you don’t forget them!

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