7 Things NOT to do during a Hotel Stay

by Jules on May 26, 2013

When travelling, your hotel should be a home from home and following our simple tips and advice will ensure your hotel stay is safe and enjoyable;

Don’t just chill out – Before kicking back and enjoying your stay, read up on the hotel guest manual in the room to familiarise yourself with the fire drill and fire exits, which will ensure a safe hotel stay, just in case. And on a less serious note, check out the meal times and onsite facilities.

Don’t skip the local amenities – Do a quick scout of the local neighbourhood on foot as well to check of the local facilities such as a pharmacy, convenience store etc.

Don’t drink from the glasses – You know the little glasses that most hotels provide in the bathroom? Well think about how many people may have used those before you! Especially if you happen to be staying at one of the worst hotels in the world, these may have just had a cursory rinse between guests. This is where plastic disposable beakers really come into their own!

Don’t mess with the minibar – Just reading the prices on most minibar lists is enough to make you wince! Well if you go poking around and set off the automatic sensors that indicate products have been used, you’ll have a lengthy task convincing the staff that you haven’t consumed or tampered with the goods.

Don’t choose a hotel on price alone – Weigh up cost versus location, facilities and ratings. Research your location and property for previous guests’ feedback. And if a good night’s sleep is your primary goal check that your chosen hotel doesn’t have a nightclub on site and isn’t next to the world’s busiest motorway. If in doubt pack earplugs and make full use of the ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Don’t miss out on the freebies – See what extras your hotel offers which are all included in your stay. If breakfast is included, make sure you get up early enough. If Wi-Fi is included make sure you take full advantage of it. The only exception is the in-room toiletries and bathrobe; the toiletries are usually cheap refillable products anyways and the cost of the bathrobe will find its way onto your credit card!

Don’t scrimp on insurance – Even if you’re on a staycation, travel insurance is strongly recommended. It’s well worth it should something untoward happen and bear in mind that if you’re deemed to be acting irresponsibly (excessive drinking etc) your policy may be invalidated.

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