Top 7 Deadliest Animals in The World

by Jules on April 27, 2013

All animals are temperamental but some are downright lethal – just this week a tourist was mauled to death by a hippo in Kenya. And a few weeks ago a student was left paralysed after stepping on a deadly sea urchin in Skiathos in Greece.

Poison Dart Frog

There are more than 175 different species of the poison dart frog – each more colourful and more poisonous than the last. In fact these tiny critters pack a really powerful punch! Adults weigh in at just 2 grams and measure 1.5 cm (0.59 in) long. This ultra-poisonous amphibian lives in Central and South America and has enough venom to kill ten adult men!

American Crocodile

The American crocodile is on the ‘vulnerable’ list as far as conservation goes, but this beast is the largest species of crocodile in the world. Found in south and central America, parts of the Caribbean and southern Florida, this croc can grow up to 20 feet (6.1 m) long and weigh a mighty 907 kg (2,000 lb). And unlike most other crocodiles, this beast thrives in saltwater. Thankfully American Crocodiles rarely attack large mammals and humans but I wouldn’t take the chance – unlike the guy in the video above – watch them get close and hear the screams!


The name ‘orca’ sounds so much more gentle than its other moniker – the killer whale. With graceful moves and stunning markings, orcas live in every ocean on earth, from the tropical to the arctic. On earth for around 11 million year, the orca is the fastest sea mammal and can weigh up to 6 tonnes, which is as much as 2 elephants. And at up to 8 metres (26 ft) long, this is one beast not to mess with. Although they rarely attack humans in the wild, captured orcas have featured in US themeparks since the 1960s and this has resulted in several deaths.

King Cobra

The mighty King Cobra is the largest and deadliest venomous snake in the world – in fact it can administer a bite so deadly as to kill an elephant. Found throughout Southeast Asia and India, this cobra can measure up to 18.8 ft (5.7 m) long. Noticeable for its beautifully intricate markings, this snake is on the conservation watch list, as it considered at vulnerable status. And although if feasts mostly on other snakes, it’ll think nothing of nipping a human that gets in its way.


The wolf has long been despised yet it will rarely attack a human. Roaming the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, today the wolf is commonplace in North America, North Africa and across Eurasia. Wolfs are voracious creatures and can consume 20 pounds (9km) of meat in one meal. Wolfs will attack farm livestock and other mammals and its only threat is the human and the tiger.

Vampire Bat

This species of bat feeds exclusively on fresh blood – hence the name! There are 3 bats within the species; common, hairy-legged and white-winged. They are native to the Americas, mostly South America and all hunt at night. The common vampire bat feasts on warm-blooded mammals and, if can find one, sleeping humans blood! The other 2 species only feed on birds’ blood.  These are resourceful creatures with razor sharp teeth that can gouge fur and pierce the skin. A common vampire bat can consume up to half its own weight in blood in one sitting!


Often considered the most dangerous animal on earth, the mosquito is responsible for more than two million people a year. At best a few mossie bites results in nasty itchy bites for several days and at worst it can develop into malaria or yellow fever.  Found across the world, mosquitos thrive on stagnant water and will readily attack both humans and animals. Interestingly only the females suck blood!

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