The Top 5 reasons to go to Europe

by Jules on April 5, 2013

Whether it’s for the history, the culture, the climate or the food, traveling to Europe brings a sense of sophistication and purpose. A continent of artists, historians, war leaders, politicians, inventors and chefs, Europe offers incentives to even the worldliest travelers. There are many sites to see off the beaten path, but there are some landmarks that draw tourists from all around the world and they do so for their contribution to history as testaments of an earlier people.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis of Athens is so historically significant that it is simply called “The Acropolis” despite the many other acropoleis. While the Acropolis remained a site of human activity despite its many iterations and occupations, its most famous feature is the Parthenon, a temple to Athena, the patron of the city. The site serves as the hallmark of Ancient Greece, its politics and its artwork. While the Acropolis offers excellent sightseeing in itself, the view of Athens from the Acropolis is also something to note. If history is the draw, look for vacation packages that focus on touring all of the significant sites of the area along with a guide to explain them.

Notre Dame Cathedral

For sightseeing with a religious flair, Notre Dame is one of the most famous churches ever built and is the pinnacle of French Gothic architecture. The cathedral houses several first-class relics, including a fragment of the True Cross, so adherents to Christianity will find many things of interest in this holy site. For those more interested in architecture, 387 steps lead visitors to the famous statuary and bells. Music lovers will note the historical organ composed of 7,800 pipes and for those looking for a spectacular view without climbing the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame provides the perfect balcony for viewing Paris.

Sagrada Familia

For something unfinished, check out the Sagrada Familia in Spain. This Roman Catholic church in Barcelona was originally designed by Antoni Gaudi in Art Nouveau form, but he died before the construction could be completed. The church was further disrupted by the Spanish Civil War and even today stands unfinished. Today, some argue the church should be left unfinished to pay tribute to the architect’s original designs, but there are plans to complete construction by 2026.


In England, no site is more mysterious than Stonehenge. Some say it served as a burial ground while others think it has more druidic leanings. Even the method of construction has its many theories. Many vacation packages to London will include a trip to this strange array of stonework.

Moscow Kremlin

The separation of church and state is minimal at the Kremlin. Czars and presidents have ruled from behind its fortified walls, and a traveler can spend days touring anything from Red Square to Lenin’s Mausoleum. This site offers points of interest for any traveler, secular or religious, political or unaffiliated.

Europe truly has countless places to visit; you definitely would not be able to see everything on this list in one day. Europe has trains that flow throughout countries to make travelling simple. Go to Europe if you are considering it- it is a once in a life time opportunity. We live in a world in which we can make these choices and see the things we want to see. There are many different types of vacation packages available. Make the right choice- get away for some time and live the European adventure.

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