3 Must-Dos When Visiting Hamburg

by Jules on April 4, 2013

Germany might not be THE destination when it comes to going on holiday, but for those who have ever been to Germany, especially Hamburg, will love it and want to come back for more.

If you’re thinking of visiting Hamburg, I can highly recommend going to it as part of a cruise, like Cruise1st’s Baltic Cruise. Its port is one of the busiest ports in the world as it has been part of the Hanseatic League for centuries and the first port for many logistical activities for North Europe.

But Hamburg is a fantastic city to visit too, whether you go alone, as couple or with the entire family.

Hamburger DOM

If you’re going or planning to be in Hamburg in March/April, July/August or November you’re in luck as one of the most popular and biggest theme parks in North Germany, the Hamburger DOM, is in town! This is one of the few places that EVERYBODY enjoys.

With its dozens of nerve-wrecking thrill rides and fun houses, traditionally German eatiers and of course the famous German beers, kids and adults alike can spend all day getting theirs kicks out of whatever floats their boat. Do expect to to having to accept some queuing, especially when it comes to the dodgems.


Lovingly called ‘Kiez’ by the locals, the Reeperbahn is probably Hamburg’s most famous attraction, but unfortunately sometimes famous for the wrong reasons. In case you’re wondering what I mean – Reeperbahn is famous for its frivolous and kinky adults-only places.

Reeperbahn is basically a long street in the east part of the city with many clubs and bars lining the street and all its side streets that are open till the early morning hours (Germans generally go clubbing late and come back even later). You might end up at a live music venue discovering an underground band who turn out to be the next big thing (The Beatles were discovered in Hamburg!)

Shopping Arcades

With Hamburg’s many shopping arcades and centres you can shop till you drop. For example the Europa Passage has 120 shops across 5 floors built into a beautiful old, now fully modernised building.

Whether you’re after hunting bargains or your budget is bigger, Hamburg offers so many places – just go to the city centre, down into Mönckebeck Strasse and you won’t come out until your feet are in pieces.

Have you ever been to Hamburg? Which places are your must-see/dos?

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