Bizarre Items Confiscated by Airport Security

by Jules on March 23, 2013

As we all know, carry-on luggage regulations are pretty strict, but did you know that sometimes the items confiscated are just plain bizarre!

Food – Things such as meat, fish, cheese and fruit aren’t allowed within your hand luggage, but did you know that foodstuffs such as gravy, cheese spreads and fruit sauces may also be questioned? And don’t even think about sneaking a pie or cake through security without getting it scanned! In fact ‘cupcake-gate’ kicked off in the US in December 2011, following a cupcake-in-a-jar being confiscated. It didn’t meet the 3-1-1 regulations!

Liquids – All bottles containing liquids over 100ml, including wine, beer, shampoo etc must be stowed in your checked-in suitcase or expect a lengthy delay. And don’t be tempted to copy the lady from South Korea who was caught smuggling tadpoles out of China in a container greater than 100ml and was forced to drink the water to prove it wasn’t harmful.

Animals – In the UK, dogs, cats, horses and even ferrets are allowed in without quarantine restrictions so long as the animal has been registered under the Pet Travel Scheme. And it goes without saying that endangered animal products are a big no-no. Don’t get caught out like the lady that tried to smuggle 75 live snakes hidden in her bra! She was spotted itching herself but no mention is made of how big the bra was (or how small the snakes were).

Plants – Plant materials can be transferred within the EU so long as it’s grown in the European Union, has no diseases and is for your own personal use. An Israeli couple were caught trying to smuggle 38 live plants and 196 different types of seeds hidden in a tin underneath chocolate.

‘Personal’ items – To avoid utter embarrassment at airport security; pack your ‘intimate’ items into your suitcase. And yes we’re talking adult toys, magazines etc – don’t let that urban myth about the suitcase vibrating on the luggage carousel a reality! And don’ caught red-faced like a lady did at Stansted Airport with a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs in her carry-on luggage!

Weapons – In the USA regulations will change on 25 April 2013 to allow certain items onboard such as non-locking knives that have blades less than 2.36 inches, two golf clubs and other various sports equipment such as hockey sticks, pool cues and cricket bats.

Elvis Snow Globes – One of the most popular Elvis Presley souvenirs is the Elvis Snow Globe (bizarre in itself) but Memphis Airport was confiscating 20 to 30 every month. And you’ll be pleased to know that the airport authority has now decided that the globes are no longer subject to seizure.

Image Credit; Edward Betts

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