The Most Friendliest Countries in the World are…

by Jules on March 16, 2013

When travelling, getting a warm welcome at your chosen destination can really make a trip worthwhile. And now the most travel-friendly nations on earth have been ranked and revealed!

A total of 140 countries were assessed on how friendly they are towards travellers, how reliable and established the local infrastructure is and other factors such as safety and security were also taken into account. The “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013″ from the World Economic Forum crucially also includes how ‘competitive’ a destination is, which is at the forefront of many travellers wishlists right now as they focus on budget travel.

And in joint number one position as the most friendly and welcoming country on earth are Iceland pictured above) and New Zealand (pictured left). Iceland regularly features in the top 10 lists of best places to live and happiest countries on earth and has plenty to offer travellers, not least the spectacular Aurora Borealis (northern lights), fantastic outdoor activities and the cultural city of Reykjavik. New Zealand is also an outdoor-lovers paradise with the Great Walks and stunningly beautiful landscapes that came alive in The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies.

Third place was a tie between Morocco in North Africa, Macedonia in southern Europe, Austria in Western Europe and Senegal in West Africa.

Remember though that friendliness is a two-way street – if you’re courteous and polite, then it’ll be reciprocated (mostly!)

And if you wondered which countries appear on the other end of the scale, check out our post on the unfriendliest countries in the world.

Top 10 Friendliest Countries in the World

1= Iceland
1= New Zealand
3= Morocco
3= Macedonia
3= Austria
3= Senegal
4= Portugal
4= Bosnia and Herzegovina
4= Ireland
4= Burkina Faso

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