An Environmentally Friendly Holiday Doesn’t Need to Break the Bank

by Jules on February 27, 2013

If your first thoughts on a green holiday are around expensive spa hotels which would leave you bankrupt then it is time to think again.

A fresh idea for a trip away which won’t break the bank or ruin the planet is that of going camping. These holidays have traditionally been regarded as offering a great way of taking a family break at a low cost but you many not yet be aware of the environmentally friendly nature of this type of holiday.

Stay Close to Home

It might sound like a fantastic idea to go jetting off to a far away land but there are two problems with doing this. The first one is the cost. It costs a lot of money to fly long distances and if you are thinking of doing it with a whole family in tow then the cost could soon get up to impossible levels. Secondly, we need to think about the environmental impact of long haul flights these days. These are big contributing factors to global warming and staying closer to home is a much better idea all round. So does that mean staying in the UK then?

But Not That Close

Actually, a more exciting idea than staying in your home country is that of going abroad to a neighbouring country. When you live on an island it is easy to forget that the countries over the other side of the water aren’t really all that far away. For many UK residents holidays in Franceare just as easy and cost effective as staying at home. Because the journey is relatively short there isn’t a huge carbon footprint involved but it is exotic enough to keep most of us happy.  

Be Creative with the Activities

Once you get to your holiday destination what are you going to do there? This is an interesting point and one of the best ways to squeeze a lot of fun out of the trip is to go to a campsite. French camping sites offer some brilliant facilities and you will find a lot of details on what you can expect to find on the Eurocamp website. One thing to bear in mind is that there are two reasons to go somewhere which offers a lot of activities locally. The first one is that it can end up costing a lot of money getting buses, trains or taxis every day. The other reason is that you don’t want to ruin the green aspect of your holiday by talking public transport all the time. If you find a place where everything you need for a great time is within walking or cycling distance then you can have a fun holiday and stay green at the same time.

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