Travelling in Luxury

by Jules on February 1, 2013

A common misconception people have is if you want to travel in luxury you need to fly first class, but we’re here to tell you differently.

So you haven’t quite booked the first class flight, no matter, who needs a hot flannel anyway? There are some travelling products that will make sure your journey is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. With our favourite travel accessories you’re sure to feel pampered and ready to enjoy your trip abroad.

  • Travel ear plugs

Travel ear plugs can help to prevent ear discomfort experienced when flying. Pop them in before you take off and remove them when the plane reaches maximum altitude. Insert them again an hour prior to landing. These ear plugs are also ideal if you want some shut eye or want to block other travellers’ chit chat.

  • Sleep mask

A sleep mask can be ideal if you love to sleep when travelling. Block out the light or if travelling at night, the light used to highlight walk ways. Sleep soundly in the comfort of darkness. Sleep masks are very comfortable to wear and don’t require much space in your carryon luggage.

  • Travel pillow

Do you hate it when you wake up after a nap with neck ache? Try a travel pillow; you can find pillows that rest on your shoulders and hold the weight of your head and neck and pillows that you can place on your lap if your child falls asleep on you.

  • Hand cream

Give your skin some love and pack a hand cream with you. A little pampering can go a long way when in the confinement of your seat.

  • A good book

You can find that time is on your side when flying, and what better way to kill it than catching up on some reading? The airports will be filled with bookshops and you’re sure to find a title that catches your attention

So there you have it, our carryon essentials. These items are all you need to ensure your journey is pleasant and comfortable. With a pair of ear plugs and an eye mask you can forget about the other travellers on board and you can enjoy some me time with a good book. Oh, and of course a travel pillow to rest your head if you fancy a nap.

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