Top 10 Things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina

by Jules on January 6, 2013

Buenos Aires is a vibrant city bursting with its own unique flavour and culture. This Latin American city is brimming with culture with an abundance of art galleries, museums, concerts and stunning architecture. Immerse yourself in the local pastimes of tango and futbol and sample the world famous food and drink, from tender Argentinian steak to malbec wine.

Buenos Aires is often dubbed ‘The Paris of the South’ and is a great base to explore South America with some of the most incredible natural wonders just a short flight away, including Tierra del Fuego and the mighty Iguazú Falls. The BA metropolis boasts 24/7 nightlife with a lively club and bar scene. The city is also famous for Eva Peron (Evita) whose tomb is at the La Recoleta cemetery, Avenida 9 de Julio; which is the widest street on earth and world-class leather goods. Argentina is also a major tea producer!

Enjoy a night at the Opera at Teatro Colon
The Teatro Colon, the Columbus Theatre, is the most well-known opera house in Buenos Aires. It is a stunning building and construction started in 1880 and built in the Eclecticism Architectural style. The great acoustics makes it worthy of being called one of the best concert venues in the world. When completed in May 1908 it was the location to see a play, opera performance, or ballet and that reputation still stands today. One thing you must do while in Buenos Aires is attend a show in this spectacular landmark. It is an experience that you will never forget. Once you visit Teatro Colon you can head over to Parque Colon which is the central square of the Ciudad Colonial historic district of Santo Domingo. Here you can view important monuments and enjoy some food and drink at one of the surrounding cafes and restaurants.

Soak up the luxury in the Recoleta District
Recoleta is a very upscale and expensive neighbourhood also known as a ‘barrio’ in Buenos Aires. This is the location to experience some of the finer elements of the city. In Recoleta you will find nothing less than stunning homes, fine dining and upscale hotels. Surprisingly the cemetery is also a place that many tourists want to visit. Cemetario de la Recoleta has a very museum like quality to it. It features very elaborate above ground tombs, breathtaking statues and much more. Cemetario de la Recoleta is also where the city’s elite are laid to rest.

Explore La Boca District
La Boca, another neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, is full of vibrant colours and waterfront views. While in La Boca you must visit Caminito which features a wide array of restaurants, cafes and local shops. La Boca is a great place to enjoy local cuisine after shopping til you drop! This neighbourhood has a very casual feel and is the perfect place to purchase items to bring home from your trip. Other must see places in La Boca include: Vuelta de Rocha, Puente Nicolas Avellaneda, Quinquela Martín Museum of Fine Arts and the Boca juniors Stadium (La Bombonera).

Learn a little Tango in Buenos Aires
A must-try activity when in Buenos Aires is the renowned tango dance. This very sensuous dance, which is also the national dance of Argentina, is a lovely sight to see and is very fun to take part in. Chances are that you will see this dance being done in a variety of public places while in the city. People dance the tango in front of cafes and in restaurants all the time in Buenos Aires. You can also watch authentic tango at the Confiteria Idéal. There are even schools that offer tango lessons in Buenos Aires. You can book a hotel on Expedia close to a tango school in Buenos Aires for your convenience.

Catch a Polo Match
Argentina is well known as the polo hotspot of the world and making time to catch a match is one of the most interesting things to do in Buenos Aires . It is home to some of the best players and they have one of the best polo teams in the world. In Buenos Aires there are a few polo programs that hold many professional polo games that the public can attend and also offers polo lessons. Depending on the time of year you are in Buenos Aires, you may be able to attend one of the larger polo tournaments and receive a few polo lessons from a few professionals.

See the local culture in action at a Futbol game
One very amazing experience to have while in Buenos Aires is attend a futbol game, aka football or soccer. The locals are very passionate about the sport which is held at La Bombonera Stadium in La Boca district. Attending a game is a very lively experience indeed! And if rugby is more your thing, then the Sevens World Series passes through Argentina.

Learn a little at the Buenos Aires Museums
There are several amazing museums located in Buenos Aires. There are art museums, history museums and much more. They give locals and tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Buenos Aires and learn something new. One great museum to visit is the Evita Museum. This is dedicated to sharing the life story of Eva Peron, actress and political figure, as well as the story of her death. Another interesting museum is the Museo del Cabildo. The Museo del Cabildo holds a collection of old maps from the years 1709 to 1713 when Buenos Aires was a mere 500 acres. Other notable museums include the Fundacion Proa, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Museo de los Ninos, aka children’s museum.

Sample the delicious local food and drink
The most delicious food and drink can be found in Buenos Aires. Experiencing the food in Buenos Aires is the tastiest way to experience Argentinean culture. Some of the food and drink that you must try in Buenos Aires is: Malbec, the favoured red wine amongst those in Buenos Aires. Mate; this traditional Buenos Aires tea is strong and very delicious. Empanadas; These pastries and truly delicious. Croissants and café con crema; Perfect breakfast while in the city. Who doesn’t love coffee with steamed milk and a croissant? Tortilla Espanola; This is an omelette filled with sausage, cheese, potatoes and onions.

Soak up the history in the San Telmo District
San Telmo is a historical barrio, dotted with cobblestoned streets and lined with colonial-style buildings. San Telmo is the place to treasure hunt in Buenos Aires. This neighbourhood holds a huge flea market called Feria de San Pedro Telmo on Sundays which attracts both locals and tourists. This flea market is the best place to find bargains and explore. You can also enjoy the beautiful Spanish architecture found in San Telmo. There is also a very abundant art scene in San Telmo. For art lovers, be sure to spend some time in the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art). Collections of works include those of Marta Minujín, Josef Albers and Emilio Pettoruti.

Take a break at the Paseo del Rosedal
For a break from the lively city life, head to the carefully manicured, colourful Paseo del Rosedal – the Rose Garden Walk, located in the El Rosedal Park in the center of Buenos Aires. The beautiful rose garden was created in 1914 by the landscaper Carlos Thays. Wander the red gravel paths which are bursting with gorgeous rose scents emanating from the 15,000 rose bushes from some 1,200 different rose species.

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