Top 7 Amazing Hot Air Balloon Flights in the World

by Jules on December 26, 2012

There’s something really quite majestic and serene about sailing in a hot air balloon. It offers a completely unique take on your surroundings whether on vacation or even in your own home town. Check out these destinations that are stunning when viewed from the air;

Cappadocia, Turkey
Because of its outstanding landscape, Cappadocia is an incredible place to take a hot air balloon flight! There are many awesome sights to behold in this part of Turkey. From plush, rolling hills to volcanic rocks and high plateaus, there are many things to take note of.

As you begin to fly though majestic valleys you will be able to see the beautifully unique rock formations that create an amazing backdrop for this region. Keep your eyes peeled as you glide along the scenic trails; you will be able to witness the stunning volcanic rock formations that were formed many years ago.

Sossusvlei, Namibia
Perhaps one of the most beautiful sights in this world is that of the Namib Desert. When you take a hot air balloon ride in Sossusvlei, you will be able to really experience the absolute beauty of the area.

The Sossusvlei Desert Reserve of the Namibland Nature reserve will be an incredible backdrop for your ride. As you take to the sky, you will be able to witness nature at its best. You will be able to overlook over 400,000 acres of endless dune fields. You will also see beautiful jagged mountaintops and a large variety of desert habitats. Known as “The Living Desert” of Namibia there are more than 100 different bird species and an endless amount of wildlife than you will witness first hand.

Serengeti, Tanzania
Taking a hot air balloon flight in Serengeti is what could best be described as a “once in a lifetime” experience. Serengeti can be found in East Africa, a little south of the equator. It is right next to the Atlantic Ocean.

This location is probably one of the best in the world if you want to witness the true experience of a safari-like expedition. High above the plains and the woodlands, if you are lucky, you could be witness to huge number of wildlife sightings. You can have an extremely unique birds-eye-view of kills made by the lions, the awesome abilities of a cheetah to stalk and kill its prey. It is even possible for you to see some leopard hunting. Another spectacular event to witness is the Annual Million Strong Wildebeest Migration.

Barossa, Australia
Located in southern Australia, Barossa provides all of the beauty that you would expect to see in this region of the world. Providing breathtaking views, a hot air balloon ride makes it easy to soak in all that the area has to offer.

This region of Australia provides visitors some of the most picturesque countryside. Approximately an hour north of the city of Adelaide, you will be able to see the vineyards of Tanuda. On your journey, you will also be able to view the ocean, Barossa ranges and more.

Costa Rica
Considered “Nature’s Wonderland”, Costa Rica is an awesome location for a hot air balloon flight! Besides incredible weather for most of the year, there are many sights and sounds to take in. Undeniably, this is one of the most exciting and fascinating destinations in the world.

Ballooning in Costa Rica means having the opportunity to witness many beautiful aspects of nature and wildlife. There are many incredible views to behold, including: the rainforest, mountain villages, white water rapids, wildlife, lush trees and so much more.

If you’re lucky, your pilot will be able to perform a water landing. This is where the balloon descends close enough to the water that you can almost touch it, then quickly ascends again. You can hear the sounds of the monkeys and birds in the forest and even see some beautiful birds, including parrots and macaws. Depending on what time of the year you go, there is even a chance you may get to witness volcanic eruptions!

Bath, UK
Located in England, Bath is a great location for a hot air balloon ride. You will be able to experience a unique and unforgettable way to view the countryside and the city as well. High above Bath, you will see the Georgian city in a whole new light.

Set in the stunning, rolling countryside of Somerset, you will get panoramic views of many famous attractions and beautiful architecture, including: pump rooms, Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent Hotel and quaint English villages.

Bluff Balloon Festival, Utah
In Bluff, Utah, they have a yearly celebration for hot air balloon enthusiasts, called the Bluff Balloon Festival. Gathering from all over the country and world, pilots spend the first evening performing a “Glow In”. (At night, they turn on their burners and fill their envelopes. This gives the effect that the balloons are glowing in the dark.) The next morning, spectators can watch as the pilots set sail and lift off. It is a great way to see how it is all done for those that have never had a chance to pilot or ride in a hot air balloon.

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