Shopping In Egypt

by Jules on December 18, 2012

If you’ve only ever shopped in the stores of England and other European countries then you’ll be in for a shock on holidays to Egypt. Major cities such as Cairo and Alexandria are home to bustling markets where a wide variety of consumer items are sold. You can buy everything from pretty little tourist souvenirs to digital gadgets if you know where to look. You might be even be tempted to engage in some haggling at the shops and markets highlighted in this article, which are recommended by Directline Holidays.

Aswan Souk

You may well be taken aback by the number of stalls set up in this traditional Egyptian shopping centre. For a real insight into the local culture you should take a walk through the souk during the early evening, when young children run riot and smells of traditional food fill the air. Just remember to walk with somebody that you trust in order to avoid a feeling of vulnerability.


If you’re put off by the pressurising sales tactics employed by the market traders then you should visit this luxury store in Luxor. It is run by a friendly Australian woman who has a passion for Egyptian crafts. She sells stunning Siwan scarves and cotton towels at a fair price to people on holidays in Egypt.

Birqash Camel Market

Just a short distance away from Cairo you will discover this bustling market place. The camels that you will see are used in the transportation of trade items. Unfortunately they are bashed about by their owners, who apparently care less about animal welfare than selling their goods to people on holidays in Egypt.


If there was an award for the best and most ethical shop in Egypt then it would surely go to the Caravanserai. It is run by a distinguished gentleman who buys and then sells the goods made by local tradespeople. Be prepared to be amazed by the quality of the reasonably priced pottery and embroideries on offer!

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