Cheapest Travel Destinations In The World for 2013

by Jules on December 3, 2012

With travel budgets stretched to the max, it’s more important than ever to get real value for money when travelling. And these worldwide destinations have several things in common; great culture, plenty to see and do and of course all these locations offer superb value.

Las Vegas, USA
In Las Vegas you’re sure to find a good time without breaking the bank. In fact Vegas was recently named the cheapest city in the US!  The party capital of the world has certainly earned its nickname as Sin City. The casinos and bars are numerous and sure to offer you the time of your life. In addition to these you will find world class cuisine and buffets. There are restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Vegas is famous for its wedding chapels, both tradition and not so traditional, which could save you thousands on a traditional wedding! Travellers can also relax at a spa or visit one of many local museums. No matter your vacationing style Vegas is sure to offer what you are looking for. Just remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Free Things to do in Las Vegas – There are hundreds of free things to do in Vegas from shows and entertainment to attractions and exhibits. There is free admission to the 2,900 acre Clark County Wetlands Park, the desert wildlife at the Lake Mead Visitor Center and take a free tour of the 1930’s Hoover Dam. Other free sights includes the Hootie and the Blowfish Memorabilia Gallery (1990’s rock band) within the  Shady Grove Lounge, the Auto Museum at St Jude’s Ranch and the large collection of works at the Cirque Du Soleil Art Gallery.

The North African country of Morocco offers tourists a vast array of interesting budget-friendly sights and is a gateway into Africa. From trekking and camel riding opportunities in the High Atlas Mountains to relaxing on the long sunny beaches, Morocco is an oasis of gorgeous scenery. Between the coastlines and the beautiful countryside you won’t believe your eyes. There are also amazing imperial cities of Marrakesh, Maknes, and Fez to explore and view the unique architectures of each. Browse the steamy souks of Marrakesh, soak up the history in the capital city of Rabat explore the colonial wonder of Meknès, discover the best preserved Arab City in the world at  Fès, enjoy the ancient culture at Tangier and admire the white contemporary architecture of Casablanca.

Free Things to do in Morocco – Visit one of the largest mosques in the world; Hassan II Mosque, explore the Ranch de Diabat and practice your haggling skills at one of the many souks (markets) where the prices are incredibly low.Krakow, Poland
Krakow in Poland offers a thought provoking vacation for history buffs. Travelers can take in the sombre Auschwitz Concentration camp, which is probably the most well-known Nazi camp that was active during World War II. The calm and quietness is a stark reminder of the terrible history. Also when in Krakow make time to visit the Gothic Wawel Castle, an interesting sight. You can take in all the sights offered by one of Krakow’s many beautiful museums or walk the old streets built in renaissance style that are like no other. There are also gorgeous churches and gardens you can admire on your trip.

Free Things to do in Krakow – Wander the market square, Rynek Glowny and take in the magnificent surrounding sights of St Mary’s Basilica and St Adalbert’s Church. There is free entry at the Matejko House and the 19th-century Polish Painting Gallery on Sundays.

Sri Lanka
The stunning island of Sri Lanka is also known as the Jewel of the Indian Ocean and is blessed with an amazing amount of beautiful scenery. Sri Lanka has also been unveiled as the cheapest long haul destination in the world! Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka offers an old fashioned style colonial-era cultural that is rare as well as a vast array of historical sites. There are gorgeous beaches of golden sand surrounding the teardrop-shaped island. There are plenty of sight-seeing opportunities for you to explore. See amazing sights like the Dambulla Cave Temple and the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic, having an artificial reservoirs built by rulers in Anuradhapura. Visit the Old Dutch Fort at Galle, explore the city of Anuradhapura which dates back to 5BC and climb the mighty Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

Free Things to do in Sri Lanka – Most of the key tourist sights will charge entry and generally prices are pretty low (especially when compared with the west) but there are also plenty of free things to do too. Try climbing the holy mountains of  Adam’s Peak and join all the local pilgrims making the journey, capture the amazing British and Dutch colonial architecture on film, walk around  Kandy Lake and take a walking trip though the ancient streets of Galle.

Albania is unlike any other European country and as yet is largely unexplored by mass tourism, which has helped to keep prices low. The beautiful beaches are largely devoid of hordes of tourists, keeping its natural beauty unspoiled. Albania has a culture that is completely unique. You can find beautiful beaches and stunning mountain scenery here. Visit the bright, bustling city of Tirana which dates back to 1614, or ancient sights like the Roman city of Berat which is UNESCO listed. Travellers can enjoy big city nightlife, or go to climbing and trekking in the vast untouched countryside to experience the great wild frontier for yourself.

Free Things to do in Albania – Hire a free Boris Bike in Tirana to explore the local area, wander the National Art Gallery, take in the redundant Communist statues in the gallery grounds and visit the Enver Hoxha Pyramid.Brazil
Brazil is hot stuff right now! As the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil offers great attractions for anyone looking to go on an amazing vacation all at budget friendly prices. You can walk along the white sandy beaches and dip your feet into the ocean as you take in the sunrise. With tropical islands, beautiful waterfalls and wonderful scenery, you’re sure to see some of the most breathtaking views of your life. Brazil, taking up nearly half of South America, is filled with wetlands, providing home for various wildlife. Also see the Amazon rainforest, filled with a vast array of unique and colorful plants and animals. See the famous statue Christ the Redeemer in buzzing Rio de Janeiro and the Historic Center of Olinda. With all the sights you are sure to have a great vacation in Brazil.

Free Things to do in Rio de Janeiro – Hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain is pretty rewarding and free, as is a visit to the local House of Rui Barbosa Museum, National Library of Brazil and the Public Art of Lapa.

Bali, Indonesia
The tiny Indonesian island of Bali has a big reputation! Bali is one of the best known and most loved beach vacation destinations in the world and deservedly so thanks to the laidback atmosphere, super friendly locals and dirt cheap prices. You can sun bathe on a white sand beach, lie beneath the palm trees and look out over the tropical waters by day. While this may sound like an amazing way to spend a vacation Bali has even more to offer. You can see the splendour of the two thousand year old rice paddies. Take in a view of Tanah Lot, a holy place on a tiny rock island just off the coast. Or you can check out some of the interesting architecture in the cities.

Free Things to do in Bali – Besides lounging on the beaches and browsing the local markets there are loads of free things to. Catch a lively Balinese Hindu Ceremony in the city of Ubud, take in a traditional gamelan orchestra performance and wander the many cool landscaped gardens on the island.

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