43% of Canadian Women Admit to Having Relations Outside the Hotel Room While on Vacation

by Jules on November 19, 2012

Recently, in partnership with Ipsos Reid, TripCental.ca produced a survey on the habits of couples on vacation.

Using comprehensive analysis of 1,000 respondents, they were able to determine some of the more private desires of woman on vacation.

As it turns out, over 43% of Canadian women admit to having relations outside of their hotel room while on vacation.  The responses varied from the more common locations (beach, pool) to some of the more eccentric spots (dance floor, public bathroom). To each their own, I suppose.

Easily, though not the most interesting piece of information that came out of the survey, this definitely opened the floodgates for a plethora of other insights revolving vacation flings.  Surprisingly or not surprisingly, the majority of this erotic behavior occurs among adults ages 35-44, but over 1/3rd of woman admit to having it on their mind and 1/5 admit to having done it.

And those are just the respondents that admitted to it!

The information is no shock to TripCentral.ca, including the company President Richard Vanderlubbe. “I’ve always felt an undercurrent of romantic motivation being a key driver to the vacation travel purchase. We know that women initiate and lead vacation travel planning more than men” reveals Mr. Vanderlubbe.

I guess it’s no surprise, but when compiled in a detailed survey it’s quite a fascinating subject to ponder over.

Here’s an infographic to help visualize the results:

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