Experience a self-catering holiday in Majorca and truly experience the island

by Jules on October 11, 2012

It may attract the likes of Kate Moss, Beyoncé, Jay Z and the Camerons, but the Telegraph reports that Majorca also offers the best value for families planning a self-catering holiday. The Post Office’s ‘Self-Catering on a Shoestring’ report found that an average weekly shop on the island cost almost half the equivalent on Cyprus or Corfu, making it the ideal place to fully enjoy all that your self-catering holiday has to offer.

And as with other villas to rent in Spain, owners are making sure that accommodation prices in Majorca stay competitive. So if your perception of the island is just sun, sea and sand, now is a great time to explore the island’s hidden treasures. Away from the hotels, your self-catering villa can give you a wonderful insight into what it’s like to live on this gorgeous island.

Where to stay

Long sandy beaches and coves run along the island’s east coast, but the stretch is also hugely popular with tourist developments. To get a proper feel of laid-back island life, stay inland in one of Majorca’s traditional fincas (picturesque farmhouses) set in the countryside. The north of the island is populated with olive groves, pine forests and quaint villages, and is a good choice if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful.

Head to the farmers’ market

With over 500 organic farms on the island, it’s no surprise that Majorca is becoming a draw for self-catering foodies looking for local produce to serve on the patios of their villas. At the Santa Maria del Cami market, you’ll find a mix of locals and tourists eyeing up the organic watermelon and olives. In Palma itself there are even more organic stores offering local staples such as pasta, herbs, cereal and spices.

Discover Palma

Majorca’s main city is undergoing something of a renaissance. In recent years new museums and designer bars have sprung up, bringing more than a little glamour to this thriving port.  Try stopping by the Quina Creu, a hip tapas bar that’s also the perfect spot to sit with a drink while doing a spot of people watching. After lunch, head to the Palma Aquarium, which is popular with both children and adults who love getting up close to the sharks.

See the island from two wheels

Mallorca villas take you away from the crowds and let you do your own thing on the island. Try following in the wheels of Bradley Wiggins and cycle the route along the islands unspoiled, mountainous north coast. This is where the Team GB cyclist comes every year to train, but it doesn’t all have to be hard work. Along the way you’ll find plenty of courtyard cafes, should Majorca’s steep hills become too tiring. And try dropping by the village of Valldemossa, considered to be one of the most beautiful villages on Majorca and a favourite haunt of musicians and writers for centuries.

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