10 Failsafe Tips for a Smooth Journey

by Jules on October 2, 2012

These days it’s all rush, rush, rush but when planning a trip away, organisation is essential! Forgotten underwear and toiletries are cheap to replace but forget your passport, visa or pre-printed boarding pass and you’ve got a costly error on your hands. Follow our failsafe tips to make every journey run like clockwork;

Not Sure? Pack it Anyway!
The most irritating part of a trip away from home is when the one thing needed at the moment is left safely where it is supposed to be at home. Fight this irritation by planning ahead and packing all of the items that may not be used. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry and especially when it is a dire situation. Also by doing this it can save the traveller the money from having to buy the item at a marked up price in a remote area.

Get the Car Checked Before Leaving
If the journey requires a long driving portion then it is crucial to have the vehicle checked up beforehand. This can save a ton of time on the road and a lot of money in the pocket.

Keep Important Items Secure
Essential items need to be taken care of and especially when in a foreign location. Wallets, phones, and passports need to be checked on and kept in safe locations.

Know Your Hotel Information
Before departing know all the services given by the hotel and write down all of the information of the hotel. The phone number and address can be important if something goes wrong.

Keep That Boarding Pass
While many people throw their boarding pass straight into the trash once they enter the plane it can serve some purpose. It can provide proof of use if the airline doesn’t credit you for air miles and it can be a tax write off, especially for the self-employed. This applies to cheap flights as well, as many of your airport and incidental expenses can also be reclaimed.

Scope Out the General Area
While exploration is fun and a great part of any trip it is a good idea to get a general idea of the trip’s location. Know where the recognizable landmarks are so it is easier to get around.

Plan Getting to and Leaving the Airport Ahead
With a large amount of baggage and no mode of transportation it may be difficult getting anywhere. Search for the right kind of transportation that is available at any airport.

Pack Essentials in the Carry On
Keeping the most important items close to one’s own body will keep them as safe as possible. Baggage can become lost or delayed which makes this point even more viable.

Leave Time For Mistakes
Don’t keep every minute full of activities on a journey and instead allow a few hours of every day to cover mishaps that cannot be planned ahead. This can lower the stress level tremendously.

Be Comfortable in the Airport
Comfortable clothing is a must for long flights that may be take longer than expected. Bring pillows or blankets in case it’s too chilly onboard.

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