Babymoon holiday tips, advice and destinations

by Jules on September 13, 2012

I hadn’t heard of the term ‘babymoon’ until recently and my initial audible reaction was ‘pfffff’ but after thinking about it for a bit, I then thought what a great idea! For parents-to-be it’s the chance to indulge in one last mega-blowout holiday before the arrival of their bundle of joy.  But in theory the term could be applied to any big event in life; a few years ago I moved house and I said all along that if it falls through I’d treat myself to a blowout vacation exploring Tokyo and Japan (sadly it all went through so Japan is on hold for now).

What exactly is a babymoon vacation?

Popular in the USA, a babymoon is a play on the word honeymoon and is used to describe the last trip a couple (or even just the mother-to-be) will take prior to the birth of their baby. It’s a chance to take time off work, bond with your partner and generally chill out, before sleepless nights and baby talk takes over your life 24/7. Think more luxury spa treatments, gentle walks on the beach and early nights rather than rock climbing, nightclubbing and zorbing!

Babymoon travel tips, advice and ideas

    • Firstly you’ll need to seek the advice of your doctor or midwife before booking a trip to get the all-clear to travel. Explain where you plan to go and get them to talk to you about which activities are off the menu, such as scuba diving and all the risky stuff.
    • Don’t venture too far from home. Consider a staycation or maybe just a short flight to your destination, and pick a developed country with a good health infrastructure just in case. Also bear in mind that English may not be widely spoken in your chosen location and rule out anywhere that needs anti-malaria tablets or vaccinations.
    • Generally you can fly quite late into pregnancy (again check with your health professional) but most women tend to head off in the second trimester when it’s much more comfortable anyway.
    • Be aware that scuba diving, most adventure sports, horse riding and jacuzzis are off limits. Use this as an opportunity to indulge in specialist prenatal massages, walking on the beach and sleeping in late.
    • Make sure your travel insurance policy covers you adequately and take any medicines and supplies that you might need, including vitamins and supplements. Once you arrive avoid any shellfish dishes, soft cheese and peanuts.

3 Ideal babymoon destinations

The USA first coined the phrase ‘babymoon’ so it seems fitting to book a dedicated package here, with many specialist hotels and resorts appearing. Enjoy a mom-to-be massage, specially catered food and gentle exercise. You can spend your days exploring the spectacular fall foliage and your nights catching up on that latest DVD box set or blockbuster novel.

Relax in France at a chateau or rural cottage or make like Carla Bruni-Sarkozy who spent time in the south of France on a babymoon last year. Enjoy fresh fruit and locally cooked dishes whilst spending the day touring your local area.

Bali is the very epitomy of chilled and laidback where nothing is too much trouble for the Balinese. Tasty and nutritious food is cheap and plentiful and the baby bump lends itself perfectly to sarongs and beach wraps. Visiting the local temples by day and chilling out at night is a perfect way to spend time in Bali.

Be sure to always check prior to travel with your doctor or health professional.

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