Tips and Advice to Organise Last Minute Holidays Efficiently

by Jules on September 7, 2012

When planning that last minute holiday, follow our advice and tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly, making it a smashing success and one for the photo albums. Being organised and goal-orientated will make everything come together with ease.

Figure Out Expenses
It’s important to figure out a realistic budget and then stick within those guidelines. There’s nothing worse than financial strain to ruin a vacation as the dark cloud of bills hangs over your head upon returning home. By having realistic expectations, it’s possible to have a wonderful holiday that is within one’s means.

Shop Around
Today it is all about competition; everyone is running promotions to get your business, especially with late holidays. Online searches will produce a gold mine of information with sites that are dedicated to providing travelers with the best deals in accommodation, flights and other travel modes. Many promotional codes are available exclusively online to really help you make huge savings and the package deals that are offered by resorts the world over may sway your final destination decision.

Consider Travelling Out Of Season
When considering that spur of the moment adventure, consider going off-season. Even the tourist hotspots offer incredible deals out of season. Business is welcome at any time of year and there is the potential for a bargain cruise or a stay for several days at a lovely resort at an irresistible price.

Plan an Itinerary
To make sure things go smoothly, have an itinerary set before heading off on a trip. Do research online, share travel tips and advice in travel forums and pick up some travel guide books and make a list of the must-see places and must-do activities. It doesn’t mean there isn’t room for spontaneity though! Leave some time available to explore but have a plan to make the most out of the holiday. If the only goal is to hit the slopes or the beach and soak in the sun, that will work as well.

Take Care with Packing
It’s important to research the baggage fees on your airlines. The more you pack, the more you will pay! Really think about what you’re adding to your suitcase and consider what NOT to pack. Think; is it absolutely necessary? Keep in mind that laundry facilities are available in hotels. Making use of them can keep down the weight with less clothing. Also, don’t forget all of the increased security measures at airports around the world. Be educated in what is allowed and what isn’t to save on frustration when getting ready to board. Don’t forget any vital medications and make sure all your travel documents are current and easy to access.

Travel Insurance
Purchasing travel insurance is a wise decision to protect your belongings as there is nothing worse than losing everything due to an error by the airline or theft. With travel insurance documents kept on hand, at least there will be reimbursement. Without it, travelers are out of luck and may find themselves at a major disadvantage while far from home.

Think About Where to Go
When planning a last minute break the options may be more limited. Opt for a destination that is nearby or even s staycation. For the outdoor enthusiast, find someplace where there is hiking or mountain climbing, swimming or biking. The great part about outdoor activities is that they are usually free. The main cost may involve food and lodging. Also, if someone owns a vacation home and has offered to share it, take advantage of the opportunity, saving money while experiencing a new destination. Do something special for the hosts such as buying a gift for the home or taking them on a dinner out.

Be Prepared for Transportation
A rental car may be the easiest way to go when on holiday so research the area and find out what is available for public transportation. Many places have excellent networks of bus and train transport that are much less costly than renting a car with travel passes that make it even cheaper. Another possibility is to share the fare with others along the way. If a group is piling into a taxi, headed to the same location, why not split the price.

Eat In More than Out
Eating out can be really costly. Choose a resort that has its own self-contained facilities and a refrigerator in the room. A trip to the market to stock up on simple items such as snacks and milk can tide everyone over for breakfast, reserving dinner time for restaurants. Ask for local favourites that are reasonably priced.

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