10 Worst Hotels In The World 2012

by Jules on August 20, 2012

We’ve updated our worst hotels list to bring you 10 more real hotels, guesthouses and inns from around the world which frankly leave a whole lot to be desired. From dirty beds, flea infestations and faulty electrics, this list of accommodation has seen it all between them!

Following on from our previous list of 7 Worst Hotels in the world, we’ve removed the hotel names in the hope that these hotels have hopefully cleaned up their act! Do feel free to drop us your comments or guesses below.

10. ? Hotel, Paris, France – Dreaming of vacationing in Paris, in a hotel in Le Champs Elysees region with luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linen, hot tubs and gourmet food from room service? This hotel will not be what you dreamt of in a million years, for all the wrong reasons. Stay here at the risk of luxuriating in an awfully awful bathtub with black mould and water leaking from the ceiling. You will be flipping the television remote to no avail as there is only one channel in French and forget room service if you value your health! This hotel is hell in the heart of Paris. Follow our advice on how to choose the right hotel for you.

9. ? Hotel, Madrid, Spain – Expect to get a plastic bag with a few blobs of ice floating around when you ask for an ice bucket. Be prepared to contend with a breakfast of cold cut meats, cheeses and fish that has been hibernating in the fridge for days and shows the early signs of green mould, and coffee machines that spew out more water than coffee. Forget the word free if you want to surf the internet; you’re going to dig deep in your pocket to even check your email.

8. ? Spa and Resort, California, United States – Staying at this ‘spa’ is a lot like a scene from a horror movie. Picture dark hallways, dogs howling, doors slamming, and weird running water sounds. As if this is not bad enough, try opening the window if you are feeling hot. Even Hercules will not be able to do that. And don’t even think of turning on the air conditioner, because you’ll be pulling out your hair with the constant clunking, wheezing and inefficient systems. And as for the spa element, everything is hideously overpriced and everything seems to come with a price tag attached. Why is this a 3 star hotel anyway?

7. ? Studios, New York City, United States – Okay, so everyone yearns to visit New York, the most famous city in the world and you’d expect to sleep like a baby after long days shopping and sightseeing. Go to New York but stay away from this hotel, because if you don’t, the hairs in the shower, the left-over food under the bed and the dirty insect-infected bathrooms will make you check out as fast as you checked in. But if you brave it and stay, be warned! The grouchy receptionist will be your only companion.

6. ? Hotel, London, England, UK – Even the homeless person on the street refused to exchange his bench for a room here. That’s how disgusting this place is. The rooms are mouldy, the bathrooms are so small, you would have to go in backwards, because if you attempt going in any other way, you’ll get stuck trying to turn around. Mould-stained linens, dirty carpets, and broken sockets exposing live wires are some of the attractions that will greet travellers. Get ready to walk back and forth to the television set, because the remote control will not give you the time of day. Who would expect this in London?

5. ? Hostel, Hong Kong, China – A royal palace of bed bugs! If you stay here, you will be traumatized – guaranteed. You will share the smallest room in Hong Kong with rats playing hide and seek on the roof, and cockroaches fighting with you for space on a dirty bed. Stay away from this hostel at all costs, because if you don’t, you’ll regret coming to Hong Kong in the first place. Sure there are tons of chic boutique hostels around the world, providing an outstanding travel experience – but this ain’t one of them!

4. ? Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The location is probably the only good thing about this hotel, because it’s about twenty minutes walk to the Red Light district, that is if you want to go to there anyway. The tiny rooms look like storage spaces are being advertised as hotel ‘rooms’ and the scent of cannabis smoke will suffocate you, if the sewer-like smell doesn’t kill you first. Travelers be warned. Read the online reviews before booking this hotel.

3. ? Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – They say Dubai is a very beautiful city. No doubt, the oil wells are making sure of that. So what’s the story of this hotel in a city oozing with money? It’s more like a prostitution house, with about four nightclubs blasting music until the wee hours of the morning, with people making out in the hallways. All is not lost though, for this hotel. The food is good, the rooms are clean and the internet service is free.

2. ? Beach & Resort, Cancun, Mexico – Vacationing in this resort hotel? Don’t forget to bring your wash towels because they don’t provide any for their guests. And don’t hold your breath waiting for the staff if you need anything because no one will show up. Never mind the unresponsiveness of the staff, breakfast seems like it’s leftovers from days ago, but the eggs and coffee are fresh, although you will be so horrified with the flies stalking the food, you might decide to forget breakfast altogether, and swear never to come here again.

1. ? Hotel, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – This hotel might be the worst of the bunch. Some have even compared it to the dumps and swear your life might even be in danger with people screaming at the top of their voices and punching walls. Some of the staff are selling drugs allegedly, the hotel walls are paper thin so you can hear everything your neighbours are up to, and I mean everything! This place is a potential health and safety nightmare. Not the best place to be in Sydney by a long shot!

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