How social media has changed travel forever [Infographic]

by Jules on August 17, 2012

Social media and smartphones now rule our lives more than ever before and travel is no exception. Travellers are using social media to both research upcoming vacation locations as well as then updating their various social network pages.

Some real standout statistics from this infographic;

52% of travellers “liked” a Facebook page, specific to an upcoming vacation
74% of Americans use social media, such as Twitter whist on vacation
48% use their mobile phone to take destination pictures and video, which can then be posted in Pinterest and YouTube
76% post their photos to a social network site, such as Flickr

This is in stark contrast to the percentage of travellers that send postcards. It was revealed this week that just 16% of British vacationers opt to send the traditional postcard, which is a real shame. My earliest memories are of carefully choosing, writing and sending postcards home especially to those who aren’t online (yes there are still a few!) Apparently some respondents to the survey cited the reason they never sent postcards was because the postman might read their text! If your holiday is that ‘exotic’ then it’s probably best not shared on an open postcard anyway! Think your grandparents really want to know what you got up to that night?! What happens on vacation stays on vacation (as they say).

And thank goodness the days of having to send away photo films rolls to be processed has also long since passed!

The Infographic can be enlarged by clicking on it twice, thanks to MDG Advertising for an interesting insight into travelers’ behaviour.

Vacationing The Social Media Way [infographic by MDG Advertising]

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