Top 10 Weird sports from around the world

by Jules on August 16, 2012

The 2012 Olympics ended on a spectacular high but many people are now left with a giant sport-shaped hole in their life. Do not fear, we’ve compiled a list of bizarre sports that you can get out there and try for yourself, or just sit back and enjoy on YouTube!

Cheese Rolling
The hilarious, yet nonsensical and silliest sport of all is the rolling of cheese. In this sport Double Gloucester cheese balls are rolled downward the hill and courageous participants necessitate chasing them. Contestants slip, fall over, and tumble their path downward in a magnificent manner at some stage in bone- crunching races and the primary one who grasps the cheese becomes the winner! Take a look at the video above for the Gloucestershire cheese rolling festival 2012. With the UK’s sporting prowess, there’s no doubt why we were awarded the Olympics!

Toe wrestling
What used to be an admired activity amongst children is currently among the most competitive sports in the world! The international competition of toe wrestling was primarily held in 1976 at a pub in Derbyshire, England. The locals though it would be enormous fun to hold a contest in which individuals lock toes in opposition to each other and push their challenger’s foot to the ground. The managers of the event tried to include it in the Olympics sports in 1997; however, it wasn’t acknowledged then or in 2012 either!

Biggest Beard Competition
It’s a fact that facial hair gives men a more rugged, masculine appearance; think Gerard Butler, Jake Gyllenhaal and Brad Pitt (I do love researching blog posts!) However, an actual biggest beard contest? The WBMS (World Beard and Moustache Championship) demands a competitor to have sprouting and most astonishing moustaches or beards. The categories include: Natural Moustache, Freestyle, Dali Moustache, Hungarian Moustache, Goatee and Imperial Moustache. No word yet whether it’s only open to male contestants!

Fist Ball
The strange and not so well-known sport of fistball is played all over the world. It isn’t particularly well known among the international media and I can imagine that an online search will throw up some bizarre results! Here the contestants punches or hits a ball using their fists to the direction of the court that their rivals can’t to reach. Subsequent to passing the net, the ball might be bounced 3 or more times and 5 contestants are allowed in every team. Fist Ball sport is even staged in games internationally.

Wife Carrying
The tagline of this weird sport is “where love is fundamental to achievement”. Initially wife carrying began in Finland and this sport essentially necessitates a male competitor to carry a female associate on his back and they necessitate moving via an extraordinary obstacle course as quickly as possible. Wife carrying as a sport is also conducted in Michigan, Wisconsin, Monona and Sonkajarvi (Finland).

Bog Snorkelling
Here we have a downright weird (and messy) sport where contestants swim in trench that filled with water, dirt and heaven knows what else! Bog snorkelling competitors have to make use of snorkels and flippers and need to complete the course by swimming with flippers only. This event takes place just outside Llanwrtyd in Wales (Wales again!) every August Bank Holiday. Get your flippers on for this year’s bog snorkelling event as the bank holiday falls at the end of this month and the winner’s name is even entered into the Guinness World Records Book!

Boxing with Brains
This is an exceptional entertainment sport, which integrates intelligence with strength. Individuals take part in chess in addition to boxing competitions in alternating rounds. The competition lasts up to 11 rounds in which six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing together with a 4 minute chess round in the starting after that 2 minutes of boxing. Boxing with Brains is organized by WCBO (World Chess Boxing Organization).

Underwater hockey
This is pretty much the same sport as regular hockey; however underwater hockey demands more skill. This team sport has turned out to be really popular in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. Two teams compete to place the puck into the underneath of the swimming pool that is referred to as the ‘goals’. This weird sport is known as “Octopush” too.

Kickball for Grownup’s
Kickball by and large is a youth match that has made a return to United States of America; nevertheless, this time amongst the adults. Contestants are taking this match even more seriously with the beginning of WAKA (World Adult kickball Association).

Human vs. Horses
The great British sporting event which pits horses against humans primarily began in 1980 when a pub landlord decided to hold the event after he listened to men arguing whether or not a person could ever defeat a horse in a race at a cross country level. This sport is yearly conducted in Llanwrtyd in Wales, United Kingdom. It engages contestants racing in opposition to mounted horse competitors, checking the speed of humans.

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