Army Day Observed in Guatemala

by Jules on June 30, 2012

Guatemala’s Army day falls on June 30 and it has been held the last day in June every year for the past 136 years in remembrance of those who have served, died and went missing in the armed forces. Usually there is a parade in celebration in the capital, Guatemala City, but this year there will be no parade due to budget reasons. All celebrations will take place in private this year.

The weather in Guatemala about this time of year is around the low seventies during the day and low sixties at night, so bring comfortable clothes that one would wear in the spring or early summer. Bringing a camera to capture all the great Mayan ruins in Tikal is a must to cherish your visit in Guatemala. Some other great attractions include The National Palace and the Cathedral in Guatemala City. The cathedral has been partially rebuilt in 1976 after a series of devastating earthquake. The city had a series of earthquakes between 1917-1918 and then again in 1976.

While joining in celebrating Guatemala Army day swing on over to discover the great ruins as well as ancient cathedrals. I am sure you will enjoy your visit to Guatemala.

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