Guide to World Class Fishing in Wales

by Jules on May 4, 2012

When people think of outdoor recreation and sports, a few different activities come to mind. However, one of the most popular outdoor activities across the world is fishing. Fishing is as old as civilization itself and can be a career, past-time or simply a hobby. Professional anglers as well as amateur fisherman are always searching for the best fishing spots across the globe.

It’s true that there are multiple amazing fishing spots throughout the world, but few places offer as diverse a fishing experience as Wales does. Situated in the East of the isle of Great Britain, this small country, with its long stretch of coastline and myriad inland streams and rivers, provides some of the greatest fishing in the world. The best part is, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, Wales will deliver great fishing and experiences. The fishing itself can be separated into two categories.

Sea Fishing

The Welsh coast is teeming with marine life, making this a saltwater fisherman’s paradise. Anglers can travel from the rocky ledges of the Gower Peninsula to the storm beaches of Newgale and Hellsmouth and find an abundance of fish the entire way. Fisherman in Welsh seas can expect to catch some of the most popular types of fish in the world including sea bass, mackerel, mullet, flounder, conger and tope. Fisherman in the winter season can expect to catch cod as well.

Game Fishing

Multiple rivers and lakes situated in picturesque settings are in abundance in Wales, making the country a hotbed for game fisherman. Visitors can fish the rugged lakes, large rivers or small intimate brooks. These waters yield some of the finest and tastiest fish in the world, including sea trout, brown trout and the majestic salmon.

Not only does Wales offer some of the finest fishing in the world, it is remarkably easy to travel to. Numerous tourist companies offer various fishing tours to the country. These tours range from a few days to multiple weeks. Visitors can opt to camp in the wilderness or stay within a rented cottage with all modern conveniences to hand. No matter the taste, Wales will accommodate.

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