Tenerife: Experience the Atlantic Ocean at its Best

by Jules on January 6, 2012

Try your hand at surfing in Tenerife

What is the one thing that every island has? That’s right, mile after mile of coastline. Some of it may be lined with cliffs, whilst in other areas beautiful sandy beaches may stretch for miles, packed full of tourists on budget holidays sunning themselves before heading home to cooler climes and the harsh realities of work. One island which has beautiful sandy beaches, volcano carved cliffs and seaside resorts is Tenerife. In fact, very few places on earth can offer such easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and all of the experiences it can bring. If you want to visit an island that enjoys a subtropical climate and participate in sea based fun, Tenerife cannot be beaten.

Whale Watching

Surely whales are best seen in the cold waters off the coast of Canada or Norway? Think again. Nestled between Tenerife and the lesser known island of La Gormera are a colony of pilot whales that can be seen from the decks of whale tour boats that operate throughout the year. These tours set sail out of the ports of Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon and Puerto Santiago so you will have no trouble seeing the whales with your very own eyes. Tours are reasonably priced too, which is always a bonus if money is a bit tight.


The Canary Islands in general are considered to be great locations for surfers with Tenerife being a particular highlight. The island has rough and rugged coastline that make for perfect surfing conditions. With a year round warm climate, you will not find more welcoming surf locations than those at Socorro, Las Galletas and the coast of Fitenia. As Tenerife is located 100 km off the Moroccan coast and right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, expect the swell to be impressive all year round.

Scuba Diving

Perhaps one thing that immediately springs to mind when tropical destinations are mentioned is scuba diving, and Tenerife is no different. The island has a colourful seabed full of coral plants and wildlife just waiting to be explored. There are even a few shipwrecks that you can explore, such as the Condesito which sunk decades ago and now plays home to many different forms of marine life and divers of all levels. There are plenty of scuba diving schools on the island too. Getting a diving qualification is very cheap here compared to other places, so if you have always wanted to learn Tenerife is the place to go!

With yearly average temperature of 23 degrees and bright blue sea surrounding the island, Tenerife could be forgiven for being the perfect destination for sun and sea lovers – and many say that it is. From whale watching to windsurfing to scuba diving, by booking cheap holidays to tenerife you too could be experiencing the best that the Atlantic Ocean and this hugely popular Canary Island can offer in 2012 and beyond.

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