China; home of high-speed rail travel

by Jules on August 31, 2011

If you’re looking to explore China quickly and efficiently and you’re budget-conscious then consider using the high-speed rail network to zip between your destinations. China now has the largest high-speed network system in the world, with 8,300km of track, despite the first service only entering operation just four years ago!

Air travel remains a luxury for many of China’s 1.3 billion residents so rail travel is a very popular alternative for long journeys with some 1.68 billion trips made in 2010. The total rail network spans over 90,000km and runs to every corner of China and right to remote Tibet.

The newest section of high-speed rail track has just been unveiled and links Shanghai and Beijing. So for travellers there’s now a new budget-friendly option with the 300km per hour bullet train. And with further growth planned the network will extend to some 13,000km by 2012 and 16,000km by 2020.

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