5 Really Simple Travel Time Savers

by Jules on August 19, 2011

Keep an eye on your luggage!

What with organising flights, hotels, cars, airport parking, baggage, child-minders, pet-minders (the list goes on…) it’s no wonder so many travellers are frazzled! Slow down for a moment, chill out and follow these tips to save time and hassle on your travels;

Pack Smart
– This goes for your main luggage and carry-on baggage. Bear in mind the security restrictions, ie no nail scissors or tweezers in your hand luggage and the restrictions on liquids. If you can travel without checking in a suitcase then do so as this speeds things up no end. And if you do need that suitcase make sure it’s under the weight required for all of your flights.

Frequent Travellers – If you travel frequently store all your travel essentials in a box, ie passport, driving licence, documents etc so everything is in one place for a quick getaway! Put together a capsule wardrobe as well so you have several guaranteed outfits.

Dress Smart – Not literally, but make sure you have slip-on shoes, no metal on your belt or other accessories and remove any piercings etc that you know set off the detectors. Do all you can to pass through the security checks as speedily as possible.

Be Prepared For Delays
– Fact of life; delays happen! Equip yourself with a book, magazine, mp3 player, mobile phone and notepad or laptop. That way you can fill your time with some useful activities. And make sure you have all of your travel related phone numbers programmed into your phone so you can call ahead and make sure your plans still run smoothly.

Use Your Local Tour Operator
– If you’ve booked a tour package with a local tour operator then ask them to book you local restaurants and scout out any local services you might need, ie pharmacy, clothing, gifts etc. They are best placed to know all the local haunts and you’ll benefit from their local knowledge!

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